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Destiny: House of Wolves Review

This is the expansion that Destiny severely needed.

Editors note:Trials of Osiris is not released until Friday. Due to this reason I am refraining from putting my final grade of House of Wolves Destiny is a game that has had many up's and down's throughout it's tenure. Now upon it's second expansion with the House of Wolves, is it a game that is worth playing? If you are playing Destiny should you pick up House of Wolves?

The story line of the House of Wolves is very satisfying through and through, even if there is a lackluster strike mission that really has no relation to the story arc. Unlike the prior story lines, House of Wolves sends you across the terrains of Venus, Earth and the Moon. Essentially to hunt down Skolas, the Lord of the Wolves that is responsible for the recent Fallen uprising.

This time around Bungie seems to have learned that more is better for missions and less is better for gear. The gear for the House of Wolves require much less resource hunting than any gear prior to. This is a bit of a relief for anyone that was worried that they would need to be on the hunt for the ever-so-annoying resources. Guardians also have the chance to reforge their House of Wolves weapons to make their bonus effects something completely different than intended. This is a completely random chance for effects and cannot be reversed.

My most pleasant surprise were the new modifications to the faction vendors to have completely new gear. Unlike the prior months, this only accounts for one completely new set, but also for a hunter cloak, warlock band or titan marks. I’m a personal fan of New Monarchy and was quite impressed with its lineup of gear including the new benefits.

Upon completion of the main story line, which blew the final story mission of the original campaign out of the water. My Fireteam and I tasked ourselves with knocking out the new strike mission. This may have been the only upper hand that The Dark Below has on this installment. Where Omnigoul completely devastated guardians with her spine tingling screams, Tanniks seems much less of a threat. That’s not to say that this strike is without any fun, it has plenty of enjoyable moments, just less of a final battle; think of it as more of a last stand.

House of Wolves iDizzy81

[See the House of Wolves in action with the full Twitch stream here.]

Prison of Elders is the current replacement to the raid. While Bungie made it clear that a Raid is coming, just not at House of Wolves launch, this new game mode is a much welcomed addition to the game. It was referred to as a horde mode of sorts by many, however, it is more like an Olympic game of rounds that puts you through all of the different kinds of mobs in the Destiny universe. Each room contains a new mob-type, different effects and different objectives. You’ll traverse from each room to the next until you get to the last, final round where you will take on a random boss type. My first go through I had the displeasure of the Cabal for my final boss-type, let’s just say it was mass chaos! Upon completing Prison of Elders you get to venture forth into the treasure room and collect your reward. If you have a treasure key, you will get a chance at a third chest with a chance of more great loot.

I have never been the one to hide my frustration about Destiny. Upon release I found it a solid-mechanically induced game that lacked direction or a sense of will to assert itself upon the guardians trekking the worlds. It lacked badly needed updates months going on in which it was really confusing of why a developer like Bungie would not be capable of doing so. Throughout story after story we heard rumors of internal issues and possible legal issues the team may have had to face if they put forth their “true vision” of Destiny. While that may or may not be true, the game did not live up to its hype.

In December of 2014, the first expansion was released that promised to continue along with the story from the campaign. While the original campaign seemed very lackluster, the DLC addition did nothing to soothe the worries of anyone playing Destiny. Sure, a raid was added, but overall the first DLC lacked significant depth to actually accomplish what Bungie claimed it would do.

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This is where the House of Wolves comes in. Over the past few weeks, guardians were treated to several introductions to everything that would be new to Destiny. A new social hub with The Reef, a new PvP arena with Trials of Osiris and a new mob arena with Prison of Elders. Bungie to make it well known that the Raid would not be there upon the DLC’s launch, but it does not mean that one does not come later. The question that is beckoning guardians everywhere is if The House of Wolves expansion is worth the time, effort and, most of all, money?

Stepping aside from the original content, if you were to compare the first two expansions you would find a seemingly contrast in content. Where The Dark Below failed to deliver meaningful content, The House of Wolves takes every opportunity that it has to show you that there is a lot more content than you were expecting. Best of all, it was a fun experience. For once, the story attached actually had a sense of purpose. One Fallen Lord is attempting to take out the other Fallen Houses.

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