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Amiibogedden, May 29th, 2015: The Day The Hunt Became A Battleground

Goodluck on the hunt!

If you are an Amiibo hunter, tomorrow is the day that absolute mayhem will occure. Wave 4 of the Super Smash Bros. lineup will officially release to the mass public, or rather the lucky few who happen to be there first in line. Like any time a wave is released, it is expected to come with lines that can compete with a school lunch line.

The original lineup was to consist of Charizard, Ness, Pacman, Wario, Robin and Lucina. Since the original announcement Jigglypuff, Splatoon kids and ink, as well as a silver Mario have been added to the lineup. For those not in the know, Ness is a GameStop exclusive while Jigglypuff is a Target exclusive for the U.S. There also is expected to be a shipment of a limited supply of additional Greeninjas that many missed the pre-orders for from Toys R’ Us.

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Throughout the last few months, Nintendo has received massive criticism due to the shortage of supply of amiibos versus the high demand for the product. It also does not help that many collectors have to compete with “scalpers” who want nothing more than to turn a profit from your hunting losses. Since the concern of scalpers became such an indignant part of the consumers hunt, many retailers have shifted to only allowing a limited amount of their own supply.

I myself started off collecting Amiibos later on right before Wave 3 commenced. Since then I built a small collection that also includes the fullset of the Super Mario series, plus the Gold Mario. While the hunt was fun and addicting, the time consumed finally took its toll on me and I bailed out of the hunt.

Are you planning on hunting tomorrow? Good luck to those who are!

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