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Games with Gold for June 2015

Get ready for Games with Gold for the month of June.

Despite prior rumors that Ryse and Forza 5 would be joining Games with Gold, it seems as if that rumor was laid to rest. Major Nelson announced today the GoG for June and the indie trend does seem to continue.



For the Xbox One, Live subscribers will get an additional month with PoolNationFX, this was included in April’s Games with Gold alongside Castle Storm.

The new game looking to join PoolNationFX is Double Fine’s tactical strategy game called Massive Chalice. This game takes on a unique art style mixed with classic tactical strategy elements as seen in games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Risk.While this isn’t seemingly an illustrious game like Ryse or Forza 5, there is plenty of content in this game to keep you occupied.

For the Xbox 360 Live subscribers will get their hands on Just Cause 2 (June 1st-15th) and Thief (June 16th-30th).

Clearly to help encourage fans to remember the Just Cause series, as Just Cause 3 was recently announced with a highly impressive trailer that got a lot of buzz surrounding it. If you are an adrenaline junkie, Just Cause 2 is definitely a game catered for you.

During the second half of the month, subscribers will get their chance to play Thief, Square Enix’s reboot to the Eidos classic. While this game was hit with lackluster reviews, many still found ways to enjoy the game that mixes it’s classic stealth elements with a different type of story, a bit removed from the series’ roots.

Source: Major Nelson


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