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Changes coming to the next Iron Banner

Make sure you know what changes will be coming to the Iron Banner when it returns June 2nd.

The Iron Banner is just a few short days away from returning, and when it does there are some major changes. What are these changes?

Lord Saladin will be back in the Tower on Tuesday, June 2nd. He knows your PVP heart has been enthralled by the shiny lures of Brother Vance, so he’s bringing some new goodies to win back your love. Boots, Gauntlets, Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, and that elusive Etheric Light that you all crave…

So the Iron Banner will be returning on June 2nd, coinciding with Trials of Osiris. Alongside this, update is expected to be released as well.  The biggest changes will effect Lord Slaidin’s store where guardians will now be able to purchase Etheric Light at rank 3 and rank 5. This will be highly beneficial for those hoping to start upgrading some of their older weapons. Visions of Confluence anyone?

Bungie is also stating that rewards will cost less glimmer than prior creating less of a grind needed. Lord Salidin will also be able to reforge your weapons like the gunsmith, so if you want to change weapon effects he will be able to assist you with that as well.

Another beneficial change is for guardians using several characters across their account. Now you will receive a boost in reputation for lower ranked characters to help even the playing field, as far as rank goes. This will not affect your powers and abilities to be successful in the Iron Banner.

Two new maps will be added to the Iron Banner with The Cauldron and Pantheon; PlayStation owners will also receive Exodus Blue as an exclusive map to the Iron Banner.

The final change is the removal of an errant buff from the Iron Banner Control playlist. So no more help for you, this time you must solely rely on your gear and ability guardians.

Source: Bungie Weekly & Bungie Destiny Update

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