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Guardians already reporting cheaters in Trials of Osiris

According to a post in Reddit, it has been discovered a cheap way on how to accumulate wins for the game. In process, it seems that guardians are using a brief moment in a match to decide whether or not they want to proceed into the match. Should they choose not to, they leave the match without accumulating a loss. It has been reported that those who remained in the match do eventually earn a win, though a few have stated that they received a tie in which they accumulate a loss as sort of a punishment for being a good player.

In only its second week, it does suck that Trials of Osiris has already been exploited by many guardians. It does seem that there is a general consensus of a loss of integrity for Trials of Osiris by both those who want to play the game properly and earn their wins, even to some that just want to play for fun. Chances are Bungie will look into this and how to prevent players from ‘cheesing’ matches in order to obtain their wins on their card.

Source: Reddit

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