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Destiny Tips 101: Making the Most of Your Hunt

Destiny Tips 101

Destiny Tips 101 is a series aimed at helping guardians to get the most out of their experience on Destiny. While these are written for newer guardians to the game, some veterans might be able to find some tips that may help their experience in a positive light as well. With Making the Most of Your Hunt we want to highlight things that you can do to make the most of your time. If you are not doing them already, there are four key things that you can change to your routine to amplify your outcome of experience, glimmer, drops and most of all your time.

Consolidate your bounties with additional missions.

Sometimes the bounties are set up perfectly so that you can set yourself for success. If one bounty requires for you to kill 100 enemies without dying while another is going to send you onto a story mission, why not attempt at tackling them on together? This is a time saver so that you will not feel overwhelmed or burnout by the grind of such games.

This sort of fatigue has definitely been one of Destiny’s biggest enemies from the launch of the game. A lot of changes have been made as well as additional content that have helped curb the fatigue, however too much of a good thing is sometimes a bad thing.

Know your patrol missions.

When you are out on patrol doing bounties, why not pick up some additional activities? If you are out on patrol attempting to complete bounties or just doing some farming, patrol missions are the perfect addition to any hunt!

Survey Mission

Survey Mission: This mission-type tasks you with seeking out a specific part of the map in which you will stand in the designated spot until the task is complete. These designated spots typically will be in accessible areas that contain many enemies in the area. This will require distant travel.

Scan Mission

Scan Mission: This mission-type tasks you with seeking out a specific part of the map in which you will scan the location with your ghost. They are very similar to survey missions but typically should take less time to complete the scan than to survey a spot. This will require distant travel.

Hunt Item

Item Mission: This mission-type tasks you with seeking out specific enemy-type and attempting to acquire drops from them. The mission should detail what enemy-type needs to hunted. Not every kill will guarantee an item drop. This will typically require little to no travel.

Kill Mission

Kill Mission: This mission-type tasks you with killing any enemy-type on the map. This will typically require little to no travel.


VIP Mission: This mission-type tasks you with killing a specific mob. An icon should appear above the mob indicating them from other similar enemy-types. This will, often times, require distant travel.

Specifically, Item Missions and Kill Missions are beneficial to pick up when you are traveling to and from bounty locations. If you are farming these will also be a great addition to your hunt to help build faction points as well. Check your patrol mission beacons often, if you do not like the ones at your current farming location do not be afraid to pick the mission up only to clear it. After some time the patrol missions will reset with new completely random objectives.

Use glimmer bonus consumables.

Again, don’t let those kills go to waste, glimmer is helpful for the little things in Destiny. Ammo synthesis, queens ships, occasional upgrade levels. It is important to know your enemies and your consumables so that you use the right one at the right time.


Ether Seeds should be utilized with the Fallen enemy-types.

Black Wax Idols

Black Wax Idols should be utilized with the Hive enemy-types.


Blue Polyphages should be utilized with the Vex enemy-types.

Resupply Codes

Resupply Codes should be utilized with the Cabal enemy-types.

Glimmer consumables are the perfect match for farming, doing strikes and even a raid. Due to the cool down timer, it might not be best suited during the midst of a round in Prison of Elders. However, if time is adequate prior to the start of a following round, you might use one then.

Equip non-maxed gear when turning in bounties for experience.

One the biggest mistakes that many guardians make is not checking their gear before turning in missions. Not doing so can result in the loss of a lot of valuable time and experience that could be used towards other equipment. While gear is at the mercy of the materials you have on hand to upgrade, the experience for each piece of gear is not. Don’t waste the entire past hour that you spent completing bounties go to total waste!

Doing this becomes helpful if you need to raise gear without sacrificing light level while hunting. It also could be helpful if you are wanting to use a sweet new weapon without sacrificing your damage output.

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