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Refer-A-Friend on Destiny So You Can Dance Together, Literally

Playing with friends is more fun.

Destiny Refer A Friend

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Guardians, you are not alone. All you have to do is bring a friend, then do the Carlton.

Destiny’s latest update is joining you and a friend up together to become the best(est) of pals. While I haven’t been playing the game lately due to Fallout 4, I will admit it is good to see the sort of commitment Bungie is giving their 10 year project.

A friend recently told me that now they were trying to get friends to play longer and even earn some rewards with one another. I haven’t really tried this out yet, and probably won’t any time soon, but I did peek into what Bungie revealed on the website. It is unfortunate, however, that this is limited to friends of yours who have yet to play The Taken King. That means your current raiding buddies will not be compatible for this.

Personally, I’m not sure if this is enough to get me to jump back on the game in the immediate time frame. Hell I even forewent the recent Iron Banner and missed out on some sweet new armor pieces. [For the record I just like collecting things].

Hopefully going forward Bungie will be revealing what is next in store for the game. Around this time last year we had our first taste of DLC with The Dark Below. The Taken King turned out to be a major success for the game and even increased the overall value. That being said I find it slightly disappointing that we aren’t, or at least have not been told, of any lingering DLC upcoming in the relative future.

Just for fun:

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