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My Holiday headphones are fantastic: Sony MDR-XB950BT

I like bass and boy-oh-boy does this headset provide the bass I like!

For quite some time, I was on the hunt for a new pair of headphones that I could use both for recreational use as well as for some upcoming projects I have planned for both my personal YouTube channel as well as PlayBack. For the longest time I had my heart set on a pair of noise cancelling BOSE headsets but I was waiting for a good deal on a price drop or a possible Black Friday sale. Neither of which came, but that is okay because one headset that I also was looking at did have a great price drop.

Best Buy had a pair of Sony MDR-XB950BTs for sale half off bringing the total to roughly $100 plus tax; more than likely you missed the sale and these are retailing at $199.99. The options of course came with black, blue and red; after careful consideration and a suggestion from the lady of the house hold to get the nice looking blue pair, I settled for the red set. Hey, sometimes you have to style of people in order to stand out, amirite? The red and blue alternative colors are currently only available through Best Buy.

The headsets are pretty light weight, despite their larger size, and they seem to provide a bit of comfort as compared to some other similar style headsets. On the headset itself you can change your volumes as well as skip forward and backwards in song playlists, pause and play your music. On the opposite ear you can turn on and off an extra bass boost feature. The MDR-950s are adjustable for the size needed to fit most head sizes; unless you are a cone head then you might be S.O.L.

The XB stands for Extra Bass and the BT stands for blue tooth; that being said it does come with an auxiliary cord to plug in which looks to be a 3.5mm jack. While the blue tooth is the preferred method of this headset, it does also feature NFC for another wireless, close range alternative. So far I haven’t run into any major troubles with pairing the headset; if only my PC would utilize Spotify much easier than having the occasional soundless hiccup. My only major trouble with the blue tooth was when I would walk away and put a wall between me and the blue tooth connection of the speaker; it’s not as great as using Wifi for internet connections.

Trying them out I noticed that the sound is pretty clear, even when using the XB features. For me personally I am a fan of bass in my music; for those who are not, you might want to keep the XB feature turned off. When using them, you might not be able to drown out every single outside sound, but the headset does a pretty good job in doing that for you for the most part. I even used them at one point doing some Christmas decor shopping for this season and was successfully able to drown out the words from the lady of the household as she attempted to talk to me. Luckily, they are pretty sturdy because at one point she made sure they came off my head as I showed her I couldn’t hear her with my silly hand gestures.

One thing I have noticed is that in effort to ensure a lightweight grip on your head, they do not provide the most secure and stable gripping. On occasion I would catch the set sliding slightly when met with quick jerking around. If you plan on doing any strenuous activities such as derby car racing or bungee jumping, I don’t think you would want to bring these headsets along. If you are looking for a great set for relaxing or non-rambunctious activities, these headsets should do the trick.

For a final comparison to others headphones such as Beats by Dre or BOSE, it is my belief that these headsets stack up well against the competition for only two-thirds the price of those headsets. Sound quality is great, and provides additional bass boost. Lastly, the blue tooth feature works well and provides NFC features as an additional method of connecting.

Final verdict: Worth the value!

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