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Ark’s Center Map Is Getting A Massive Make-over

The bigger question for many playing Xbox is when will this and the Primitive Plus update hitting the Xbox. Many suggestions targeted July 28th as a release date, yet there’s been no official word.

Update: In regards to the Xbox update Jat tweeted to those concerned of it being cancelled: 

Hey guys,

For those of you who haven’t read the announcement post that went up with the trailers, here’s what’s happening with Primitive+ on Xbox:

First of all, Primitive+ will still be releasing on Xbox One – it has not been cancelled, let’s dispel those rumours right now. 

It is fact coming pretty soon but, it is still a couple weeks away. The reason for the delay, outside of regular procedure matters (certification etc), is that we wanted to take a more careful approach with releasing this DLC due to the some of the issues we’ve had with our more recent patches, and especially when we initially released our first DLC, The Center onto the Xbox platform.

As you’ve experienced first hand, patches can have significant change and impact on the game, and recently these have led to some painful situations which we’re still recovering from (and interating on.. I still keep up with the dashboards and look into repros as I am notified). 

I know it sucks as you guys have been very passionate about playing Primitive+, we’ve seen the support all over social media and we’re truly grateful for it, which is even more reason why we want to do our best to ensure that when the DLC is made available, it does not suffer in ways other patches have.

We’re going to ensure this by putting it through it’s paces with more vigorous QA, and monitoring the official release on PC for any undetected issues, as well as conduct extra iteration when necessary. We are sorry about the delay, and it won’t be too long, and when it does become available, hopefully we’ll have resolved any problems and it will be a smooth release. 

If you haven’t checked out the announcement, and would like to see what’s coming – you can do so here:

It is good to know that they definitely are trying to ensure we have the best experience as fluid as possible.

Original article below:

While the big Primitive Plus update is still on tap to drop, there is also a massive overhaul to the Center Map incoming. Normally, the developers to Ark are very vocal, but for the last month they’ve been pretty quiet. Now that the 28th is here, which was scheduled to be the official release to Primitive plus, there’s some more information of what’s going on.

The first tweet is from Ben Burkhart, the “level designer,” or map designer for this matter:

Overall, this looks to be like a HUGE cosmetic change to the Center Map.  Adding mountains, adjusting biomes and including some cloud cosmetic changes, among other things. Overall, it looks like the largest map is getting larger.

I still feel the Center Map needs an adjustment to the giganotosaurus spawn rate. I like that the map is getting away from the mirrored feel  and looking to have more depth.

The bigger question for many playing Xbox is when will this and the Primitive Plus update hitting the Xbox. Many suggestions targeted July 28th as a release date, yet there’s been no official word. After searching the forums, one moderator for Studio Wildcard suggested that the update will not be on the 28th, but would be in the next Xbox update in a few weeks; the August update. As for PC, you can expect the update to hit at roughly 12: 45 ET (which was three minutes ago by my accounts).

Such a bummer, for the console, but I can at least leave you with some new pictures taken by the devs!



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