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Terry Crews: PC Masterbuilder

Not only is Terry Crews a former NFL player, a fantastic comedic actor and a freak of a fitness guru, but Terry Crews is also a gamer. Recently, he spent some time [from what I can only assume was at E3] with fellow celebrities Jamie Foxx and Snoop Lion playing Battlefield 1. He seemingly liked the game so much that he decided to build his own PC just for the game. The original video was shared to Facebook, so I had to find one from YouTube that I could share.

One thing you can take away from Mr. Crews experience is that you can tell that not only is he passionate about gaming, but he also uses gaming to bond with his son. In other videos that Crews has shared you can see the excitement that they have together in both playing with the new PC as well as learning how to build it.

On his YouTube you can find more videos of not only his PC gaming experiences but also motivational  videos as well as fitness videos as well.

So PC Master Race, how does it feel to have an Expendable join your ranks?

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