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Ark: Xbox One & PC Server Hosting

Many questions in regards to PC hosting for Ark and the Xbox One have been asked. One answer helps a lot of the planning less of a headache.

For many playing the Xbox version of Ark and hoping to host a server, there is news in regards to a PC hosting. In the latest Community Crunch and Ark Digest, a forum user asked about co-op and split screen with a PC host and the Xbox One. The answer not on garnered a direct question but also informed survivors that these servers will not require an Xbox Live Premium membership nor a separate account to host. This does not mean that the players will be able to play on the servers themselves without a premium membership.

PC Hosting for Xbox One

This is good news for those wanting to host a server but were concerned about needing a separate account. Some individuals that I’ve come across in the Xbox Ark community have expressed high interest in hosting a server but were turned off by the prospect of needing another Xbox and a secondary account.

Source: Community Crunch & Ark Digest

Personally I enjoy the idea of hosting a server. However, the current necessity to have a separate Xbox, a separate premium account to host and then to leave it on at all hours, was not appealing. Now with the ability to host a server via PC without the extra necessities actually makes the idea of hosting a server more of a reality. If only I can convince my tribemates that we should host a server for Primitive Plus rather than join a random public server.

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3 Comments on Ark: Xbox One & PC Server Hosting

  1. Tru3Spart3n // August 3, 2016 at 11:04 AM // Reply

    You don’t need to pay for 2 accounts u just make the server xbox the host xbox and u can share live from your main account with the server account, the only thing is having to buy a second xbox and leaving it running all the time


    • Duly noted. I never tried it as I fidnt have a need for a second Xbox. I was mainly going off of prior 360 experience and the way accounts worked there, where you would be taken offline if you signed in elsewhere. Thats good to know, thabk you for the feedback! 🙂


      • Tru3Spart3n // August 3, 2016 at 11:22 AM //

        You do still need a second account the second account just doesn’t need its own live since xbox live allows u to share live with the whole family from 1 account now


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