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13 Years of Nintendo Power Archived Online For Nostalgia

If you are one of the many faithful to old gaming magazines, then you’ll enjoy what recently did for Nintendo Power. The first 13 years of Nintendo Power were published on the website, page for page, ad for ad. Nintendo Power was one of the many magazines that had a cult following from the beginning till it’s final issue in 2012.

First gandering at the selection I honestly felt the nostalgia hitting all the feels. Seeing games from Killer Instinct to Mortal Kombat 3. Yoshi’s Island instantly reminded me of the summer of 1997 playing and beating one of my favorite Nintendo games to date. You even can feel the memories pouring when you see the covers of franchises past with 1080 Snowboarding, Ken Griffey Baseball, Army Men.

As someone who likes to write about games, I appreciate such things being posted. As a gamer, it makes me appreciate what Nintendo has done for the industry. With the NX releasing in March, it gives me ample opportunity to catch up with all the Nintendo nostalgia I need to trick me into purchasing the new console.

Source: via Twitter

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