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Bungie Developers Already Working On Destiny 2

While this should not come as a surprise to most gamers familiar with the franchise, Bungie officially declared that they have most of their developers hard at work on Destiny 2. This announcement was made at a recent quarterly financial conference call. While speaking on the call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg, stated that the biggest challenge for Bungie currently is keeping the current demand for content, not necessarily Destiny 2. Hirshberg also suggested that Destiny 2 is on track to meet a release in 2017.

While Destiny 2 is a hot topic, the upcoming expansion, The Rise of Iron, is even hotter. Releasing on September 20th, this will be the 4th [paid] update to the game since it’s release nearly two years ago. The game entered the market with high expectations and some harsh criticism from many gamers, ourselves included. With all of that, it still tops the charts with nearly 30 million active members monthly.

The best thing that Bungie does have going for them now is a console generation that has competition. Games such as The Division and Overwatch, despite the major difference among them all, will keep the developer looking and pushing new inventive ways to keep your gaming hours locked into their servers. The competition also might be the fuel that had rumors speculating that Destiny 2 was undergoing major changes.

Currently, the hype train has been riding full tilt with Game Informer’s featuring of the upcoming content. I’ll be honest, I didn’t plan on getting the game originally, but after speaking with some friends, it seems like a perfect time to get back into the game and see what new toys we get to play with.

Checkout our good friend, Gaming Addict, discuss the new changes to The Artifacts that were first introduced with The Taken King.

Source: Dual Shockers

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1 Comment on Bungie Developers Already Working On Destiny 2

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what Bungie does when they eventually release Destiny 2. I’m hoping they take a page out of Respawn’s book and add in a campaign mode as well for players that want a more narrative based experience. Good post!


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