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Can the NX succeed where the Wii U and 3DS failed?

Both the Wii U & 3DS struggled to have immediate success sales wise, due to a lack of software and 3rd party support or games. However, the 3DS did manage to bounce back and get both the sales and 3rd party support but the Wii U never did catch any steam or get the sales it needed which in return caused it to severely lack the 3rd party support that it needed to be a success. With the NX's release looming on the horizon rumors and news surround it almost daily. MCV UK is reporting that both Pokémon and Mario will be hitting the NX within the first 6 months to go along with Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which is something the NX desperately needs for it to be successful out of the gate. 

It appears that the NX will not suffer the same fate of the Wii U and will have 3rd party support with the likes of Sega, Warner Bros., Ubisoft, Activision, and Square Enix reportedly on board. Ubisoft reportedly has several games planned for the NX with the next installment of their Just Dance franchise slated to launch with the console next Spring. Sega will be bringing their legendary blue hedgehog to the NX when the currently titled Project Sonic 2017 releases next fall.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Project Sonic 2017 & Just Dance NX are the only confirmed NX titles at this time.

Personally speaking, the NX will need to drop some of their premier Triple-A franchises early on in order to get the sales that will be needed to garner more 3rd support something that the Wii U severely lacked. Releasing games from the Legend of Zelda, Mario & Pokémon franchises will most definitely help sell some consoles, but without proper 3rd party support or a solid launch lineup of games the NX will suffer the same fate of the Wii U and ultimately just be a secondary console. Nintendo needs to find a way to secure a deal to get sports games from EA & 2K on the NX as they will help get with initial sales. For me personally, Nintendo absolutely needs to put an Animal Crossing title on the NX that utilizes online play in which players can go visit other players towns and interact with them if they happen to be online when they go pay them a visit. Also, it’s time to reintroduce the Mario sports titles as the Wii & Wii U did not capitalize on the success of the sports titles that they had with the GameCube. Putting out the next installments of Super Smash Bros & Splatoon within will definitely help the NX gets sales from the non-Nintendo faithful.


I will definitely be grabbing an NX come March, will you be getting one or waiting?


Source: MCV UK

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