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No Man’s Sky: A Game That May Change Post Release Says Creator

One of the longest standing questions about No Man’s Sky is what the style of gameplay is. To me, it seemed to be an exploration game that allowed gamers to be “Space Magellan” that was able to traverse the ever expanding universe in search of new things. That idea instantly sold me on the game as I love exploring new places in the real world. Most of this has to do with the fact that I grew up a military brat and was able to see the world from a different perspective.

So what is No Man’s Sky all about?


We planned it from the start, but you can play the game now, and you can have those moments yourself. Lots of little details have changed (so many, SO MANY, for the better!) but the game looks and plays just as we aimed to. The thing I’m so proud of though, is that I’ve managed to gather the most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and they’ve done some of the best work of their lives, to help make this happen.


Here is what No Man’s Sky definitely is:

  • Exploring a universe of pretty procedurally generated worlds, with beautiful creatures
  • Trading with NPCs
  • Combat against robots/mechs and cool space battles
  • Survival/crafting in a universe sized sandbox
  • An awesome procedural soundtrack from my genuine favourite band (check the NMS album out here)
  • For one small moment, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a sci-fi book cover

This definitely screams to me “Sail forward Magellan!” While also providing the same sort of dangers that many explorers throughout history experienced: dangers of the unknown, dangers of survivability and a mark on history. While it is unlikely that we will be reading about the explorers of No Man’s Sky in any textbooks, ever, there is a mark on history in the game that you get to leave behind by marking the things that you’ve explored.

So then what the game NOT about?

That means this maybe isn’t the game you *imagined* from those trailers. If you hoped for things like pvp multiplayer or city building, piloting freighters, or building civilisations… that isn’t what NMS is. Over time it might become some of those things through updates.

For instance, freighters and building bases *are* coming! Read about updates coming here.

At launch though, it’s an infinite procedural sci-fi-space-survival-sandbox unlike anything you have ever played before. If you decide to play it, you’ll see just how closely it plays to those trailers, and to our original vision. It’s a weird game, it’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.

So we know that Hello Games will well aware that the game is a niche game, meaning that many individuals will not like the game because they do not fit that niche audience. Aspects that I anticipated, such as base building on the planets that you discover, are not planned to be present at the start of the game, they might not even make it into the game.


So, it is unlikely that you and a friend can colonize a portion of the universe and create an evil base. If you are one of the few who have been following the hype, many of these statements have been known for some time. That being said, it is also well known that many gamers disregard literally every editorial that is released in favor for marketing hype.

Personally, this is still a game that I am highly interested in because I fit that niche. I love exploring in the real world, and often times I find myself exploring the worlds of MMOs. It was common place that I would travel to locations that my characters had no business being in, all for the sakes of seeing new things. If this isn’t what you enjoy, then you will more than likely not enjoy No Man’s Sky. However, if you are like me, then know that No Man’s Sky is set to release on the PS4 (8/9, tomorrow) and the PC (8/12, Friday)

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