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Developer Gives A REAL Update On Primitive Plus and the Xbox One Release

Despite many reports stating that Primitive Plus is going to be hitting a major delay, many of the faithful have been strong with the information given by the developers. Several sites have already reported that Primitive Plus is going to be delayed on the Xbox One. For the instance that it didn't release on July 28th along the PC, it was already delayed.

So what is going on with Primitive Plus? As we reported last week, Primitive Plus is said to be releasing with the August update for Ark. Typically this update releases in the beginning to middle of the month. With the frustrations of making sure that this update does not spill out the issues that The Center Map update caused, they anticipated it being a bit longer.

Primitive Plus creator had this to say via Twitter:

Oh, I guess we need to quote it to you from the link:

Hey all! Thanks for your continued support throughout the process of bringing the Primitive Plus mod to fruition. There have been many people that have helped along the way and continue to help throughout the ongoing development.

I apologize for the rocky launch. I underestimated the amount of content that’s in Primitive Plus and would it would take to get it ‘launch ready’. While it’s still far from a finished product, hopefully it doesn’t hinder the experiences you create in ARK. The 1.1 patch will fix a lot of nuances but make no mistake – it will not be completely bug free. I’ve tried to prioritize the existing bugs and fix the issues that were causing game-breaking experiences. Some of the graphical issues will be fixed in the next content update.

I just want everyone to know they have my dedication and passion to continue to fix content and add content as the game matures. I’ve always said there is no ‘end’ in sight for Primitive Plus. As you experience Primitive Plus, keep in mind I’m just one guy with lofty dreams and average talent 🙂

With that said, below are the patch notes for the incoming update. We are testing this all out on Xbox before pushing the PC update. It doesn’t make sense not to – chances are, if it works on Xbox, it will work on PC. Xbox testing may take longer than I originally expected, but the major goal is to get this update in the hands of PC users who are currently experiencing issues. There’s a chance it may not be deployed Tues, but instead Wed. This is all to make sure that we make your playing experiences as enjoyable as possible.

Thanks for making a dream come true!

So there you have it.

Personally, I believe Primitive Plus is still on track for an August release, unless they find something game breaking. When The Center released, it screwed with a lot of peoples personal servers and single player modes. Since every update has to go through a QA process, it is better for the developer of a smaller team than major publishers to make sure that each update they send out is as clean as possible. For their team, and the nature of the game, it doesn’t make sense to send out an update that is highly anticipated if it is just going to deprive them of much needed sleep for days on end to fix it. They already don’t get a lot of sleep as it is, feeding the fans the updates they do send out! Sleep well Studio Wildcard, sleep well!


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2 Comments on Developer Gives A REAL Update On Primitive Plus and the Xbox One Release

  1. So when will it be ready for Xbox one and please tell me it will be on pve


    • Shortly after this was written, Ced confirmed that they completed the Xbox build to Primitive Plus last night. However, Studio Wildcard is wanting to package a much larger update with this so I would anticipate it towards the mid to end of the month. – Take this with a grain of salt of course.


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