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Overwatch: Bastion’s Story to be Revealed at Gamecom

Blizzard to reveal a new cinematic to Overwatch that reveals the history of Bastion at Gamescom 2016.

One of the neat things about Overwatch is the way that Blizzard is telling their story without the use of a conventional campaign. Instead of the story told inside the game, you are left with little comments that are made by the characters towards one another, all depending on who they are. What Blizzard has done instead, has installed several videos into the community that tell stories of the characters of Overwatch.

From these videos we know about the brothers Genji and Hanzo. We know that Tracer and Black Widow have a long-standing feud. And we also know that Solider 76 was rough and tough, but also a soldier of heart. The next installment will introduce fans of the game to one of my personal favorite characters, Bastion. It is scheduled to be revealed at Gamescom on August 18th at 9 AM PDT.

Next Thursday, delve deeper into the world of Overwatch with of our fifth animated short: The Last Bastion.

“The Last Bastion” tells the origin story of the inquisitive transforming robot, Bastion. In this episode, we follow the forgotten battle automaton as it unexpectedly reactivates after laying dormant in the wilderness for over a decade. Fascinated by its unfamiliar surroundings, the curious omnic begins to investigate, but quickly discovers its core combat programming may have a different directive…

If you cannot make it to Gamescom, you will be able to watch it go down at


Bastion is a character that sometimes gets blamed for having a pretty nasty turret setup, but also seemingly has befriended nature in the same right. I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy Bastion players because in the beta I didn’t know how to get past them. In turn, my frustrations lead to only one choice: Join the Bastion army.

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