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Text Chat Coming to Consoles for The Elder Scrolls Online

One thing that is very important for an MMO to succeed, is the ability to communicate. With Elder Scrolls Online, it is about to receive a long overdue text communication chat to accompany voice chat. While voice chat has been available since launch of ESO, text communication was only limited to the PC version of the game. Update 11 of the game will introduce this new communication feature for the Xbox One and PS4.

Update 11 Text Chat

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With text chat, you will have a versatile ability to choose who you want to chat with from your guildmates, to local area, to a zone wide area. There is a 350 character limit with is roughly under twice the size of a max tweet.You will also be able to adjust the size of text incase it seems to small to  you.

Update 11 Text Chat 2

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This should be a much welcomed feature for many users that do not like to stay in the voice chats. Personally, I always found the area chats a  haven for harassment among players. The internet seems to make a lot of individuals feel more secure to say rude, derogatory things to one another without the sense of risk. Constantly, I would find myself overhearing an individual attempting to sell some wares while being harassed by another because they sound too young, or maybe have a speech impediment. Lord forbid if you are a female gamer trying to communicate.

Source: The Elder Scrolls Online

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