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Microsoft Acquires Streaming Service Beam

Congratulations to Microsoft’s acquisition of the streaming service Beam. Today, both Microsoft and Beam announced that the acquisition has been placed and that Beam will operate underneath Microsoft’s Xbox division. For those, like me, who do not know much about Beam, it is a streaming service for gamers. Unlike Twitch, Beam allows a little bit more interaction between the streamer and the audience. Some games like Minecraft enable features that will allow the audience to send minions, items and lightning strikes into the game for the streamer.

This should be a much welcomed addition to the Xbox family and its services. As for other platforms, Beam plans to continue to support all platforms to its streaming services; and there is no plan to negate these services in the future. This brings another streaming service to the Xbox family, which already has the ever-popular service present. There currently, however, is not a Beam app on the Xbox One. We’ve reached out to the team at Beam and some at Microsoft to see if this is in the works and will update you if we hear anything.

With Twitch, the development team was actually allowed to go in and work on the app for the Xbox One themselves. This could be something that the Beam development team could do as well to give us the best possible app. Many are still wondering, however, where is YouTube Gaming on the Xbox console?

You can sign up for a Beam account at their website and join their growing community.

Sources: Xbox Wire & Beam

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