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Titanfall 2 Campaign Footage and Server Information

Titanfall 2 is on it's way but in the mean time there is a technical test. So what servers will Respawn Entertainment be using? Also what is going on with the single-player campaign?

Single-player campaign footage was highlighted today by YouTube channel Titanfall Legends for upcoming Titanfall 2. In the footage we get a sneak peek at the anticipated campaign for the game as the first entry to the franchise lacked a true campaign. It seems as if the campaign will feature everything from ground trooper to Titan combat, it will be riddled with puzzles for the player to figure out as well as non-linear scenarios, giving you multiple ways to move forward. While not a lot of details are released about the campaign, it is safe to say that it is in good hands.

One thing that fans can rejoice in, is that most of the team who was behind the Modern Warfare series is now at Respawn. Aside from subtle hints at what the single player campaign, the team really does not want to indulge much about the experience until it gets closer to launch. Titanfall 2’s lead engineer, Jon Shiring, did share with PC Gamer about why the team decided to include a campaign with the sequel

“There was a point during Titanfall where we were trying a bunch of different things and we realized that we just couldn’t ship a game that did all of it, and so we scoped it down to: ‘we want to do really, really, really great cinematic multiplayer with, you know, AI and titans and all this kind of thing.’ That ended up consuming all of our dev efforts, obviously. And after that game came out we heard from a lot of people that they really wanted a single-player campaign. So we circled the wagons and tried to figure out what we could do as a single-player game that would be playing to the strengths of what worked in Titanfall.”

Titanfall 2


Shiring did share that the team did have a bit of MOBA influence when handling new features like Titan Abilities. The purpose was to establish with player a certain learning experience where you can determine what countermeasures can be taken with oncoming Titans. With Titanfall, there were a total of three different Titan types; Titanfall 2 brings 6 different Titans to drop, all derived from their predecessor Titans (Atlas, Ogre, Stryder).

Another new aspect to the game is a completely redesigned progression system, developed by Todd Alderman, who was responsible for Call of Duty 4’s progression system.

It is easy to see that the next installment will have a high influence from the Modern Warfare series, which is not a bad thing at all. That series is one of the most influential series in not just the Call of Duty franchises, but in all of modern shooters. Respawn seems to take pride in ensuring that Titanfall 2 is the next step forward in the series and not something that will be teased and not delivered.

Another big question that is asked about Titanfall 2 is what servers will Respawn Entertainment be using for the game? With the first game, which was a Microsoft exclusive on console, but also on the PC, the servers were hosted through Microsoft’s Azure servers. With Titanfall 2, Respawn is electing to go with an array of servers including the Azure, Google and Amazon servers, as well as a “bare metal box” server format which are hosted throughout networks in a variety of locations. However, it is not known if these servers are platform specific.

Titanfall 2 is slated to be release this year, October 28th, 2016.

Sources: YouTube & PC Gamer

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