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Destiny Rise of Iron: New Artifacts and What They Do

Destiny’s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron is nearly upon us and with the impending release comes the usual flood of news. In the latest, there has been talks of brand-new, game changing artifacts, so let’s take some time to examine these artifacts and what they do exactly.

First, how guardians acquire these new artifacts? Acquiring these new artifacts is going to be a very similar process in some ways and new in others. There will be a new vendor in the new social space by the name of Tyra Karn. Every week she will offer up a quest that upon completion will allow you to choose one of the three artifacts she will have available that week. The exact steps of this quest has not been revealed as of yet but there is a mechanic of empowering these artifacts at the statues of the Iron Lords that we know of so far.

What each of these artifacts are and exactly what they do? It is also worth noting that each of these artifacts are named after one of the Iron Lords, of which there are nine, however Saladin does not have one of his own as he is still alive. That technically means there should be eight artifacts but interestingly there are only seven detailed by Bungie with an additional one hinted at. We will touch on that at the end.

wp-image-77018045jpg.jpgArtifact of Silimar: Silimar himself was a very defense oriented Titan, and as such his artifact focuses on providing a defensive ward. Using this artifact will greatly reduce damage taken from damage over time effects.

received_10209861744085091.jpegArtifact of Felwinter: Felwinter was a Warlock with good intentions but had questionable ways of making things happen. This artifact will completely remove your super but in its place you will get two grenade and melee charges. On top of that orb pickups will charge both your melee and grenades.

received_10209861744125092.jpegArtifact of Gheleon: Gheleon was a Hunter who was a pessimist but his skills at assessing the battlefield situation were second to none. Usage of this artifact will make it so you have an enhanced and more detailed radar as well as your radar persisting while aiming down sights with any primary weapon.

received_10209861744365098Artifact of Skorri: Skorri was a Warlock who was the bard of the Iron Lords. As such she inspired her allies with songs and wisdom because of this her artifact is very team oriented. Simply wearing this artifact will make you glow with an inspiring light reducing the cooldown of any nearby allies supers.

received_10209861744645105Artifact of Timur: This artifact is very interesting as Timur himself was described as creepy and almost felt like a Necromancer in persona. Using this artifact will make it so any small enemy you melee will fight for you for thirty seconds. A second melee to that enemy will disable the effect. It has not been said what the extent of enemies you can use this on is quite yet.

received_10209861745085116Artifact of Radegast: He is often described as the King Arthur of the Lords and strode into battle with a mighty sword. This artifact makes it so that while you are using a sword as your heavy weapon, you can reflect energy based projectiles. This includes things such as ogre and servitor blasts, rockets in crucible and even other guardians supers such as Hammer of Sol and a nova bomb.

received_10209861745285121.jpegArtifact of Perun: Perun was a Hunter revered as a consummate strategist whose situational awareness was unrivaled; as such her artifact is purely focused on crucible activities. Using her artifact will highlight enemy guardians with a full super yellow while also highlighting any with low health as red.

received_10209861744685106So it was mentioned above of an eighth artifact that was hinted at but not described. This artifact belongs to Efrideet, a Hunter and the sniper of the Lords. Not much is known about her but she is confirmed by Bungie to be alive and coming back in the Rise of Iron expansion. It will be interesting to learn how she survived whatever misfortune fell upon the Iron Lords and where she has been since then.

So there you have it, a brief description of each artifact as well some lore for each of the Lords. Which of these artifacts are you most excited for? And are there any you feel may be game breaking? I also want to give a big thank you to fellow Guardian and good friend of mine Cognito of the Iron Lords Podcast for providing the pictures you see here.

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