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Lanterns Are Creepy In Resident Evil 7’s Latest Trailer

You'll never look at a lantern the same.

One of the reasons I purchased a PlayStation in the 1990’s was the fact that there were awesome, truly creepy games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Parasite Eve. With Resident Evil 7 set to release on January 24th, 2017, Capcom is aiming to revitalize a series that hasn’t had much praise since Resident Evil 4 was released. Taking note of what Konami accomplished with it’s playable trailer of the now defunct Silent Hills game a few years back, Resident Evil 7 looks to be the second time the series has changed up it’s perspective, now aiming for a true survival aspect in a first person setting.

To me the game looks brilliant and it’s almost a breath of fresh air (or biohazard if you will). While I still consider myself a longstanding fan of the series, I don’t believe that the franchise has been on track for many years. Personally, I blame the movie adaptions of the film and Mila Jovavich’s and companies insistence of being more action oriented to appeal more to the hollywood blockbuster audiences. This is where we have received terrible adaptations and changes in the series with Resident Evil 5 and 6. I long for the time where Resident Evil actually made me tense because of the use of camera angles, something they would not get away with in modern standards. Thankfully, games such as Slenderman, Outlast and Alien: Isolation showed a better way for games to make use of survival fear. I cannot wait to see more about this game, even if it changes it’s style and potentially its lore as well.

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