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Ubisoft Releases Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 online multiplayer hopes to win you over, but doesn't seem to change much.

With Gamescom currently going on, Ubisoft dropped a new trailer showcasing Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer. From what I’ve seen there does not seem to be a whole lot of changes going on from the first game to what this showcase shows off.

There are a few new toys to play with to catch intruders and to infiltrate, however, the modes seem to be the same modes of the first game. The game looks to offer gamers to team up and explore or play minigames with one another to compete for the highest score among your group. Online Invasions looks to return to the game which allows you to harass other players with hacking methods as they play their own game. One of the newest features is the bounty feature which takes online invaders and turns them into bounty hunters if you get carried away with causing too much chaos. One can only hope that we can have customized characters in the multiplayer worlds.

Of course the onlines modes are completely up to the player if they choose to participate or not, like in the first game. Though it is nice that the outcome of these interactions will help you progress in your single player. Now only if we could have customized characters for our multiplayer worlds.

Years ago, we were introduced to the world of Watch Dogs which was to be one of the first hack-based games that had all the open world similarities of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but with new possibilities and features. Post its release, many who had been following the game felt majorly let down; this all is despite my more positive look on the game. Essentially the first game was a victim to its own hype, with many broken promises and what felt like a scaled down version of what was originally teased. With the sequel due this holiday season, there is not a whole lot of hype. Hell, even in my own gaming circle I may be the only individual interested in picking the game up. Though, I’ll admit this trailer did not boost much confidence if any in the games progress as a sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 is slated to release on November 15th, 2016 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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