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The Last Bastion Animated Short Watch

Disney and Dreamworks must be praying that Blizzard doesn't fancy to get into CGI film making.

Fans of Overwatch were treated to a new animated short today featuring the friendly battle-bot, Bastion. These animated shorts have done excellent work at detailing a bit of a story for fans to link and associate with each character.

With the most recent telling, Bastion and his bird friend seem to tell a story that could probably hit home with many that suffer from PTSD. It has a chilling display for anyone who might not know how something simple can cause a domino effect of breakdowns from tragic and over bearing stress points in one’s life.

Rumors have it that Reinhardt is next in line for his animated short, who can be seen in the battle relapse of the Bastion short. Does this mean that Bastion and Reinhardt are bitter enemies?

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