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Ark: Pillar Spamming Changes Incoming!

Pillar spamming and griefing is in the developers crosshairs.

One of the most annoying situations to encounter on an Ark server is looking for a place to build or simply looking for spawns of prehistoric beasts, only to discover the land is plagued with pillars. Typically, many tribes will utilize pillars as a way to defend or sometimes a way to zone off an area that they are interested in; other times, griefers will use the pillars to annoy the rest of the server.

Thanks to community feedback, a resolution is on the horizon. In the most recent community crunch, the developers stated that a major change will be coming to help combat these issues that seem to plague the game. An upcoming update will target lone pillars and foundations in two ways:

First, any current standing pillars and foundations will be deleted. Thereafter, any placed pillars and foundations that are solely placed, will receive a timer that will automatically delete it within 5 days if it continues to be a lone-standing structure.

Secondly, and unless I’m interpreting this wrong, it seems that high volume resource areas may be receiving bars from building on ORP (offline raiding protection) servers, for other servers, you can expect to find that these structures and pillars will no longer prevent the spawning of resources.

The full statement is as followed:

Earlier this week, we made a pretty big change to how pillars were functioning in regards to resource spawning in order to tackle a longstanding issue. Following the feedback from the community and some further roundtables, we’ve decided to make the following changes:

First of all, we’ll be reverting the change which causes Pillars to prevent resources from respawning. They will now function how they did prior to the latest update.
When this update is deployed, lone pillars and lone foundations on both PvE and PvP servers will be wiped.
Going forward, both lone pillars and lone foundations will be placed on special timer where they will be destroyed after a short period of time, it can vary based on the material of the structure.
Shortly ORP servers will be receiving the no build volumes around critical resource areas on the map. This change will go active and any structures that currently exist in those zones will be removed five days from now.

As many players can agree, pillar spam has been a large problem especially with our PvE servers. The use of single pillars has been used as a way of claiming land and preventing people from building, which was never part of their intended mechanics. They are meant to be used to build bases and structures, full stop. We have chosen to be aggressive in the management and removal of pillars in hopes to limit the amount of griefing in a way that we feel will be best for the overall community and management of our official servers.

We’re hoping this will help improve some of the issues that we face with the spam of both pillars and foundations, we’ll be monitoring to see the effects of our changes and as well as take note of your feedback to see how we can make the situation better going forward.

This should be a very rejoicing moment for anyone who has been in a server and had to deal with pillar spamming. This should be very welcomed as Primitive Plus is set to release on September 1st with fresh servers for both The Island and The Center. I know that on several occasions, I’ve been in servers where a troll tribe found themselves wiped of their base and used these methods to harass the server before departing. On occasion they will log in long enough to keep the longer timer going longe

Source: Ark Community Crunch

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6 Comments on Ark: Pillar Spamming Changes Incoming!

  1. We’ve placed pillars on all but 3 of the underwater drops so that the server has the best chance of finding them, also on the volcano because the last 3 alpha tribes claimed it as their own and when we became Alpha we opened it to the community with a forge for all etc but placed pillars to prevent others from building guns and ruining the community spirit. Pillars are not always placed by greifers they are also used for the good of the server.


  2. I think a tribal limit free standung pillar limit of some kind would be better as all this will result is people building lots of small buildings all over the map on PVE servers


  3. Yup too many sissies complaining they need to build a safe space is ruining it for people that have been on servers and kept the spawns and ecosystems running with pillars will all now be ruined thanks to little bitches


  4. So long as no one can just walk in and build in our bases, some people have big spaces fenced in for a Dino pen with pillars in the area to keep people from building there


  5. You probably wanna check on fence fondation too

    Liked by 1 person

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