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September Games With Gold Detailed

Earthlock and Assassin's Creed enter, WWE 2k16 exits.

Games with Gold for September have finally been announced and there are some pretty awesome titles coming your way.

For the Xbox One you will receive Earthlock: Festival of Magic, which we showcased for you yesterday. This looks to be one of the first original turn-based RPG’s to hit the market and was developed by Snowcastle games. [Yes there are a few in the store for the other indie titles, but this is the first majorly publicized game of that nature.] This game will be available for the entire month of September.

From September 15th through October 15th, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China will be available. This title, unlike the major Assassin’s Creed titles, is a side scrolling platform game that is set in the Assassin’s Creed universe. Since we will not be receiving a new installment to the franchise this year, it will be a nice filler for the time being.

For the Xbox 360 freebies, gamers will be able to download and play on both the 360 and the Xbox One.

From September 1st through the 15th, you will be able to download the first Forza Horizon title. With Forza Horizon 3  being released in September, this is in no doubt a push to get gamers excited to pick up the latest installment. From September 16th through the 30th, Mirror’s Edge will be available to download. You play as Faith, a parkouring badass, who is essentially trying to save her friend Kate who was framed for a murder, but also starts to see there is a bigger issue going on behind closed doors.

Source: Xbox Wire

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