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Destiny’s Sony Exclusivity & Why It Hurts All Players

Firstly, I’d like to give a personal preface.

Every once and awhile there comes a time when a developer or publisher makes a decision that may sound beneficial at the time but hurts their fanbase in the end. Exclusivity deals are a major example of this, while it may be common practice, having one group of your games players paying the same for less of a game than another group isnt a consumer friendly decision. I want to make it clear that I personally feel this way regardless of system, game, publisher, developer or anything in between.

Let me start off by saying that I love Bungie and Destiny, Bungie is one of my top three Developers easily and Destiny is one of my favorite games ever. However, with that love for the game comes the responsibility to call out and shine some light on the bad of the game.


So what am i talking about exactly?

Well its no secret that Destiny has had exclusive content for Sony and Playstation players. Examples being Crucible maps, various exotic guns, armor sets, ships and quests. These exclusives were always known as year long exclusives, which was always a rather long time to wait for such content. The most common use of exclusive content for a game is a month at the least and three months at the most. Going far and beyond to a whole year exclusivity deal actually hurts all players of Destiny and ill explain why in a second.

Unfortunately however, Bungie and Activision have extended this exclusivity even further with Sony. Now content that released with The Taken King wont be seeing a release a year later as promised but will instead be released to Xbox players in fall 2017. Thats two years of exclusivity that not only came out of nowhere but also wasnt made clear by Bungie or Activision. So if you’re playing Destiny on Xbox you wont see something like The Jade Rabbit until around the release of Destiny 2 which is ridiculous in every sense of the word.


So why does this hurt everyone including the PlayStation players?

Because of this exclusivity the weapons for example can never be sold by Xur, leaving you to blind luck to hope to get these guns. The biggest issue however is that as long as these exclusives are strung along Bungie doesnt need to strive to provide new amazing exotics for the Playstation players. A perfect example of this is that the Playstation guardians wont be recieving an exclusive exotic gun this time around because the jade rabbit is still exclusive. This in turn hurts Xbox players by the fact that theyre paying the same money for less content and now cant even really trust how long that exclusivity will be for.

In conclusion.

As I said, I love Bungie and adore Destiny but this is not a consumer friendly move in any way. To also not really confirm or say anything until the fanbase figured it out for themselves is a shady way of going about things. As a gamer whose heart beats for the love of this hobby and industry, this is an unacceptable move on Bungie or Activisions part and will hopefully be an example to others of how NOT to do exclusive deals in the future.

Tell us here at PBG what you think in the comments below. Is this too far for you or are you not bothered by this extension whatsoever?


About Dale "LordZeroILP" Vanfossen (59 Articles)
Dale is a hardcore gamer and nerd at heart. He played his very first game at the age of three and fell in love with the hobby ever since. Dales a huge destiny fan and is part of IronLordsPodcast.

4 Comments on Destiny’s Sony Exclusivity & Why It Hurts All Players

  1. Content exclusive a game like destiny is stupid and should not exist… is sad for the xbox player who pay same price as ps gamer and dont get the same stuff at same time…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // August 26, 2016 at 1:48 AM // Reply

      I completely agree. Its sad for any and all gamers and its a practice that we would do much better without.


  2. Amazing article. Glad light is FINALLY being shed on these shady practices. Regardless of platform this extension (2 YEARS!) of an already excessive exclusivity agreement is ANTI-CONSUMER!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // August 26, 2016 at 1:50 AM // Reply

      I couldnt agree more. This is as Anti-consumer as anything ive ever seen. Hopefully the community will speak up enough for Bungie or Activision to take notice.


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