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Ark Is Updating Its Resolution & More On Upcoming Update

More changes for the highly anticipated update!

Update: I do apologize, I mentally marked my calendar as a Friday release; but the actual release is Thursday, September 1st. Thank you Mr. Evans for pointing this out to me.

The following displays the updated marker.

The upcoming update to Ark: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One is probably one of the most anticipated updates since launch. That is big to say since The Center Map Update and the Titanosaur updates were also highly anticipated. Slated for a Thursday release, several of the developers and key figures of the game took to Twitter to share some updates that will be incoming.

For starters the update will be packaged in with Primitive Plus as well as the redwood biome changes to The Center Map.

Jeremy Stieglitz, Co-Founder to Studio Wildcard [among other titles], stated that the game will be receiving a 720p 3D rendering, with a 1080p UI integration. While many might be questioning 720p, fans probably all agree that better graphics to the game, no matter the pixel count, is massively welcomed. Jeremy also suggested that the games load time will be experiencing quicker times, despite the increased content and updated resolutions.

The Center Map also seems to be getting more makeovers than just the redwood changes. Ben Burkhart, the creator of The Center Map, took to Twitch to showcase additional changes to the map. Luckily for us, was on top of the stream to provide details.

The Edge Of The World is an area within Ark Survival Evolved The Center map, which features steep cliff drop-off past the Green Obelisk, North and South mountains, as well as the bridge to the Redwood Island.

According to Burkart, he is using the Edge Of The World as an opportunity to make a new playable space for the players. During the stream the designer dug into the side of the cliffs to create a vast cavern with a river, and also features a plenty of space for building. While it will be dark in the cavern, the designer scattered massive crystals around in the walls to serve as a light source and also as decorations.

Image provided by

Image provided by

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These additions to The Center Map will also come with a variety of fixes to dino spawns, ocean and mountain changes among more. Most of these have already been deployed on the PC.

The update is expected to release this Thursday, September 1st, on the Xbox One. The game is also expected to release with new servers to both The Island as well as The Center maps.


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