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ReCore: Let’s Talk About It

ReCore Horizontal Key Art

A brief description.

ReCore is an action adventure, role-playing game that seemingly is a culmination of developers among many beloved franchises. Firstly, the game is directed by Mark Pacini who was the director behind the Metroid Prime series. ReCore’s producer is Keiji Inafune who is known for his work in the Megaman series. The story of ReCore is being lead by Joseph Staten who is renowned for his work on the Halo franchise.


What’s the story?

ReCore takes place on a planet called Far Eden. Colonists migrated to this planet after a catastrophe strikes earth. In order to make Far Eden habitable the colonists needed to terraform it and in preparation to do so they made core bots to build the terraformer as well as do any work necessary to get the job done while the colonists would go into a 200 year long cryo sleep; of course that plan goes wrong and it’s your job as Joule to find out why.


So who is Joule?

Joule Adams is the heroine in ReCore and colonist who has awoken from her cryo sleep on Far Eden. When Joule wakes up she finds that Far Eden isn’t a paradise and that the terraforming has stopped, on top of that the core bots have all gone rogue. She searches for other colonists but cannot find anyone besides her companion core bot, Mack.

So what exactly is the gameplay like?

The gameplay of ReCore borrows a lot from its Metroid and Megaman heritage. The world in ReCore is described as vast with a lot of large open areas that give players different options of proceeding through them. As you explore and battle through Far Eden you will find dungeons and the dungeons are designed around a much more platforming focus so that it has many beats to the gameplay that feel reminiscent of old school platformers. The bosses will be presented as a challenge in that they will have their patterns and such to overcome and to make the player feel accomplished when doing so.

Your platforming in ReCore is going to consist of your usual jumping puzzles but will mostly rely on the abilities of your companion core bots that you will collect as you play the game. Each of these core bots will have their own advantage in platforming such as Seth which is a spider bot that is able to crawl along walls and rails. This will encourage players to go back and explore areas they’ve been to before giving the game replayability.

Recore-E3-2016-11-1280x720The part that I’m most excited for in ReCore is the crafting in the game. As you explore and fight you will earn things to craft and upgrade Joule and her abilities but more importantly her core bot companions. This ranges from a host of options such as cosmetics, attacks, weapons and even different personalities were mentioned. Examples are you can take Mack, Joules dog and make him look more wolf like if desired or more like a bulldog. This is another way of giving players a lot of gameplay and depth with ReCore.

In conclusion.

ReCore sounds like a promising new game that will offer a more traditional experience in gameplay. It may be a breath of fresh air amongst the shooter heavy holiday this year and with the game coming in at only $40 and being the very first game to offer Xbox play anywhere meaning that if you buy it on Xbox One you can play it on a Windows 10 PC and vice versa along with a rapidly approaching September 13th release date it has a solid foundation to succeed.

Tell us here in the comment section below what you think about ReCore; you don’t even need to sign up to comment. Is it a game you’re looking forward to or not? Thanks for reading, make sure to take it easy and keep yourself tuned to PBG.

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