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World of Warcraft: Youtube Channels

World of Warcraft Legion is coming out tomorrow, so I thought I would share some of my personal favorite YouTube Channels that are both resourceful for information as they are entertaining.  Each has their unique flavor, and they cover different aspects of the game. Many channels also cover other games, movies and real life loot, though I will be focusing on the aspects related to World of Warcraft.  I also included one of my favorite videos from each channel just so you can see what they are about.

Bellular Gaming – This channel offers many different videos on all aspects of gameplay. There are videos on how to level quickly, things to do before new patches and expansions, as well as class reviews. In preparation for Legion, he has done videos on every single spec and the artifact weapons to go with them. He has also done zone, dungeon and raid previews. There’s also a video on the 28 new mounts (so far!) being added in Legion. as well as He also covers game conventions where Blizzard announces new aspects to the game, which can be very handy.

Suramar – Blizzard Have Upped Their Game

Hayven Games  -This is a newer channel to my list, but that makes it no less interesting. Hayven Games is mostly focused on exploration, and finding the background parts of World of Warcraft. He has several videos on how the game areas have evolved over time, as well as exploration of instanced areas, and looking into mysterious aspects of the game, such as the snake tail in Gun’drak.

The Mystery of the Gundrak Snake Tail

HeelvsBabyface – Many of the videos of this channel go into gameplay mechanics, new patch content, how to solo various bosses of the game, new mounts and items, professions, and fun quests. His Emergency Az videos are reactions to news from Blizzard, and they are quite informative. The other recurring videos are called Escape From, and Az finds his way out of various instances of the game. The most recent posted is from Hellfire Citadel, and it lets you see how the game looks outside of the instances.

SPIRIT OF ECHE’RO (Archaeology): Mount Guide (WoW LEGION) !!

Nobbel87  -This is my absolute favorite channel for all things lore related. Nobbel does videos on NPCs, areas, quests, and all manner of lore aspects of the game. For Legion, he has also done a series of videos on the lore behind several of the various Artifact weapons. He also has zone and game playthroughs, including Warcraft III, and Q&A videos with questions from his viewers.

The Story of Lady Liadrin [Lore]

Wowcrendor – This channel features World of Warcraft news, gameplay, a series of leveling videos, pet battles, exploration, and his Pointless Top 10 videos. There’s also quite a good number of Hearthstone videos, and other games.

Pointless Top 10: NPCs in the Middle of Nowhere

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