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We Play Battlefield 1 Beta A Day Early, Mind Blown!

Alright, so as some of you may know, Battlefield Insider Club members have been given a day early to access the Battlefield 1 Open BETA. The question many have asked me today, is “Are we getting over-hyped for another game that will fail?” Absolutely NOT! But understand this, it’s only in the BETA stage. Sure, it does have some flaws i.e Ghosted out team mates, disconnection to server issues, etc. That will all be fixed, no need to worry about that.

Anyway, let’s begin!

The first thing I noticed when I started the BETA, was the new UI (User Interface) that’s not only a new design, but looks great and is extremely easy to navigate, especially for those new to the Battlefield series. Some of you may remember that Battlefield 4 was also recently updated with the same next-gen looking UI. Personally, I feel that this was a smart move on the developers end and also makes it easier to join in with a friend.

Battlefield 1 also changed its spawning, similar to how the developers did with Star Wars Battlefront, loading in from sky view. The game movement is also very similar to Battlefront as well, so it may take some time to get used to if you haven’t played Star Wars Battlefront.

Now let’s talk about the destruction Battlefield is known for in their series. So I spawned in a heavy tank, as I was pursuing Objective Apple, I was trying to run over an enemy. Well, as he ran inside of this building I actually ran directly through this building and came out of the other end. My mouth dropped as I’ve never seen that in any Battlefield game. In my opinion, that’s a great new feature BF1 has to offer.

You can even open up windows to create yourself a nice little snipers nest while also being able to provide light cover from enemy infantry.

The character classes have also changed, and are now known as:

  • Assault
  • Medic
  • Support
  • Scout

As you can see, there is no longer the engineer class from BF4. The assault class is actually now used like the Engineer class, and the Medic class is now used as the assault class. Weird, right?

Now, I feel that Battlefield 1 will be GOTY worthy for sure, while also providing gamers with something totally new by bringing it back to World War I. What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1? Did it live up to your expectations like it did mine? Let us know in the comments below!


4 Comments on We Play Battlefield 1 Beta A Day Early, Mind Blown!

  1. Liked the review. But I am still ON the fence with this game not too big into the WW-1 scene. I think I am going to wait until the game launches and see & get players reactions of game. Lately the shooting / army games are the same old stuff just reworked a bit like COD in space this time around REALLY. Not even waiting 60 bucks on COD when it comes out.


  2. Dope shit


  3. Nice work man, I loved the game..

    waze here




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