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Huge Ark Mystery Solved, But What About Tomorrow?

Could survivors be getting another mod in tomorrow's update?

One thing that is sure is that the developers at Studio Wildcard love to tease survivors! They also like to deliver new content and fun easter eggs. Scouring my timeline on Twitter I came across a peculiar tweet that claimed to discover an easter egg that went undiscovered on the Center Map for quite some time, until now.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the launch of the Primitive Plus update and MUCH, MUCH more on the Xbox One. There also is supposed to be a major reveal tomorrow that was delivered to survivors from the developer in the form of a new Mystery as they so love to do.

Dragon Eggs

The teaser mystery shows three eggs and is also described as a gigantic reveal. There also is a reference of scorching hot gameplay; could that be reference to something of a desert biome to come?

From discussing with other survivors of what it could be, there have been suggestions of implementing portions of the Annunaki Genesis mod that is currently available to the PC. In this mod, many more dinosaur breeds come with an alpha as well as a “badass” tier, which I believe is pretty self-explanatory. There also is a rumor of these eggs being that of a drake. The mod also has these creatures present that have fire, ice and poison abilities, respective to the colors red, blue and green. The drakes are tamable and ridable, which make them a very appealing creature to have present.

Of course all of this is only speculation at this point. Luckily all will be revealed tomorrow live from PAX via Twitch at 10AM PST (1 PM EST).

Source: Ark

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