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Round Table Discussion : See Which Console Our Writers Are Looking Forward To In 2017

Our Writers Answer 5 Burning Questions!

Welcome to the very first edition of the Playback Gaming Network’s Round Table discussion series! We’ll take this week’s news and ask a few of our writers some pressing questions. Here, you will get their takes on the stories and headlines that are dominating the gaming world.

This week, we asked Bobby, Dale, Charlotte, and Logan five questions. Let’s jump right in!

  1. We’ve had some major titles launch recently on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, as well as PC. Destiny is also launching their Rise of Iron expansion and we are set to see The Witcher III collection soon. Which game or games are you most looking forward to in Q4 of 2016?

Bobby “BiggieJerseys”: South Park: The Fractured But Whole. I absolutely loved The Stick of Truth, and The Fractured But Whole looks to be more of the same! So needless to say, I’m stoked. Hell, I even have both collectors editions pre-ordered!

Dale “SLET Zero”: The “thing” I’m looking forward to the most is definitely the ‘Rise of Iron’ expansion for Destiny as it is going to offer a ton of new content for the game! I’m also excited for ReCore! It looks like a modern take on traditional gameplay elements in the truest sense. I’m pretty excited for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as well. Other than that, not much is calling my name this holiday season. It seems too shooter heavy this time around for me to be excited about all of those games.

Charlotte “Blitzkat85”: Unfortunately, all the games I was looking forward to have already come out for this year! The top one is World of Warcraft: Legion, though Darkest Dungeon, Plague Inc., Evolved, Starbound, and Stardew Valley all came out this year, and I’m looking forward to those.

Logan “RoninWolfgang”: Currently I am very excited for WWE 2K17, Pokemon Sun/Moon, as well as the re-master of Skyrim! I have been a wrestling fan since I was very young and was extremely excited that I was able to grab the “NXT Edition” which includes a statue as well as a signed picture of 2 of my favorite wrestlers. The same can be said for the newest entries in the Pokemon franchise. I have played since Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue and have continued to follow since. Then we come to one of the prize pieces for a lot of people this holiday season and that is the re-mastered edition of Skyrim. I spent countless hours playing the original and plan on doing the same with the re-release of the game!

  1. We are seeing big news about new consoles making their way onto the market in the next 12 months, and even sooner. Which new console or gaming platform are you most looking forward to? 

Bobby: The NX, simply due to the fact that it’s actually a new gaming console and not just a mid-cycle upgrade like the Scorpio & Neo are. And the fact that I STILL absolutely love Nintendo!

Dale: Personally I want to see more about what the Scorpio and the Neo will bring to the table. If they both offer what has been teased and promised then they’ll both be very exciting systems especially with the improvements they’ll bring to games and gaming on them in general.

Charlotte: As of right now, the PlayStation Neo holds the most appeal to me, as the exclusive games look the most interesting to me. However, there’s a lack of information available for the Nintendo NX to make a really good decision. The thing I’m definitely looking forward to is the NES Mini. That thing looks like a ton of fun and nostalgia in a tiny package!

Logan: In my opinion the Nintendo NX looks to be a game changer, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a unique outlook on the Zelda franchise by being open-world, and I expect exciting things to come from this system even if the rumors aren’t true about things such as wireless HDMI. Regardless, a console-handheld hybrid, and a potential cornerstone Pokemon game look exciting.

  1. On the flip side, which new gaming system or platform are you the least excited for, and why?

Bobby: Xbox One S, I don’t own a 4K TV so this one is truly pointless for me. However, the fact that it’s smaller than the standard Xbox One is intriguing.

Dale: I’m not feeling the PS Slim at all or the Xbox One S to be honest. I see both companies motivations and reasoning for each but I already have perfectly good systems that work and the up-scaled media is not enough of a reason for me to upgrade. Especially because there are far more powerful machines around the corner.

Charlotte: Again, I’m somewhat lacking on information to make an informed decision here. What I will say is that if it doesn’t have VR support, I’m not interested. I’ve seen way too many cool things via a little bird in VR to not have that available.

Logan: This is where I differ from a lot of people. I personally don’t look at the mid-generation consoles (Such as the PS4 Slim, Xbox One S, PS4K, and Xbox Scorpio) as official new consoles. If it plays strictly the same games as its predecessor it in my opinion is the same, so it would have to be a tie between the others.

  1. You know we couldn’t have a round table without discussing No Man’s Sky: What caused the vitriol and backlash we are currently seeing, and is all of the bad press deserved?

Bobby: I think it’s due to the fact that many people didn’t do their research prior to buying the game and didn’t get what they were expecting it to be.

Dale: As someone who bought NMS on PC, played it, and rather quickly got a refund, I do feel as if the ill will is deserved. What caused most of the backlash were the blatant lies that were told to us about multiple aspects of the game. Examples being: huge space battles, being able to craft on the molecular level, and most famous of all, the multiplayer promise. I truly feel as if the developers themselves brought all of this on themselves by doing that. While some backlash is over the top and exaggerated, most of it is completely reasonable and justified. No company should be able to blatantly lie to consumers and feel as if they wont get any criticism in return because of it.

Charlotte: From what I’ve seen, it looks to be a combination of miscommunication from the developers, and more than a bit of over-expectations from potential players. While I do want to give this one a whirl, I’m going to wait for the bugs I’ve heard about to be fixed, and the price to be a bit more in my range.

Logan: As my article “No Man’s Sky: The Revolving Door of Pre-Order Disappointment” states, I personally like the game, but you can definitely tell it was made by a studio of 14 people. I believe the bad press isn’t deserved because it follows the same problem many games have faced in recent years, constantly being over-hyped and not delivering on release day. I believe the current business model of pre-orders is the main problem.

  1. Let’s dig deep into the archives for our last question: Which retro game would you love to see brought back from the dead? Which current re-make would you like to see buried again?

Bobby: I honestly don’t have any games that I’d like to see re-made, but there is a particular type of game that I’d like to get see come back from the coma it’s been in. Bring back the platformer, developers! Whether it is side scrolling or 3D action, I want more platformers from you developers that aren’t Nintendo. I have nothing against re-makes or re-masters but I want to see more of the new games that would some creativity in them, which is something that the 16-bit & 3D eras were known for.

Dale: The first game that comes to mind when I think of something I’d like to come back from the dead is surprisingly a very well done true Spyro: The Dragon game. Spyro wasn’t the first game I ever played but it was the first game I truly adored. In particular Spyro: Ripto’s Rage was the one that really grabbed me and drew me into its world. As far as modern re-makes go, I’m in an odd position. I don’t like the idea of most of them, but I feel as if some games do deserve it. The more recent things like the prototype releases and such, I just don’t feel like those games warrant a re-make. I’d prefer something more like a Mass Effect collection for instance or for those companies to take that time and manpower from these re-makes and focus that power on creating new projects.

Charlotte: For me, I would love to see the old Command and Conquer games (Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun) get a remake. Those were a huge part of my childhood. As for current remake, I’d have to say Skyrim. I know a ton of people that still play it as is, and I question how necessary a remake really is.

Logan: I know the Game Cube isn’t completely retro, but I would really love to see a remake of Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest, it is in my top 3 favorite games of all time and deserves more recognition. It is a classic co-developed by Saru Brunei and Intellegent Systems. In the original you have to essentially eat other cubivores to make yourself stronger in order to restore color to the world. If you have the money to pay eBay prices for this game I would definitely recommend it, but be forewarned the price now usually exceeds $100 dollars. As far as current remake I would like to see buried again, I honestly have enjoyed all of the remakes that I have played for a few years now. I believe the most underachieving would definitely be the reboot of the DOOM franchise but I see potential in it!

There you have it folks! We want to know what YOU think! Give us your answers in the comments below.

Thank you for reading Volume 1 of the Playback Gaming Network Round Table! Come back next week to read what our writers have to say about the hottest news.

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