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Thursday’s Nintendo Direct Brings Rumors and More

We try to sort through the rumors about Nintendo's most recent Direct Event!

On September 1st at 7am Pacific Time, Nintendo will present their newest Nintendo Direct with a main focus will be on 3DS games. There are many speculations on what will be presented and we are here to attempt to clear some of those up for you, as well as give a few predictions of our own! With a focus mainly on Nintendo 3DS games we anticipate to see some big announcements regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon. There is hope that we will see several new Alolan form Pokemon, which has definitely been a major interest factor as far as the newest installations in the Pokemon franchise are concerned. We may also see some more announcements regarding how the exclusion of gyms will affect the core gameplay.

There have also been rumors of more information regarding Paper Mario: Color Splash or potentially a new installment in the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, but with it being specifically geared towards the Nintendo 3DS, don’t expect either of these two things to be mentioned at this event.

Since the Nintendo 3DS is now almost six years old we may see a major announcement pertaining to a price drop for the system itself. At the same time, we could see an announcement of a localization of the New Nintendo 3DS (not to be confused with its XL counterpart) on a larger scale. If it is announced at this event, don’t expect it to be given much time, as this is a global Nintendo Direct event. This is pure speculation on our end, but we also would love to see an announcement of a New Nintendo 2DS that can play games such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D but keep the Nintendo 2DS form factor. There is no doubt there will be at least a brief mention of the newly released New Nintendo 3DS Galaxy Edition.

We also expect there to be comments on other games that are releasing in Q4 of 2016 such as Azure Striker Gun Volt: Striker Pack, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, as well as the two latest installments in the Yo-Kai Watch series, Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. This series is very quickly becoming one of Nintendo largest properties and is surprisingly even rivaling Pokemon in popularity in Japan which is a major accomplishment for any game.

Nintendo seems to be in a more interesting position than they have been in quite some time, with all of the hype surrounding the Nintendo NX as well as the newest installments in the Pokemon series. Look for Nintendo to be the talk of the gaming world for the rest of 2016 as well as throughout 2017!

Of course, for all of your Nintendo news, follow us here at Playback Gaming on Thursday as we will bring you up to the moment breaking news as soon as it is announced by Nintendo!



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