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Ark: Scorched Earth, First Expansion Details

Dragons, Flamethrowers and HYPE!

Today at a pre-PAX stream, Studio Wildcard revealed one of it’s biggest secrets since the launch of the game: Scorched Earth, an expansion pack. This expansion pack looks to build upon the Ark universe in a whole new “Ark” setting, one of the dreams that the developer has had for quite some time. Scorched Earth is available to purchase for roughly $20 via Steam and Xbox Live. Many gamers might find it odd as the game has not been officially released but it is putting out paid DLC. If anything is reassuring is that Studio Wildcard has done a fantastic job of providing content for gamers.

From what Scorched Earth looks like, this is a completely new map that includes everything from desert like creatures, to dragons and shall I say a Chimera!? Another new element of surprise is being implemented the inclusion of rock elementals that will spring into action should you attempt to strike it down for resources. Subtle additions like this adds a completely new inclusion of the survival premise. The setting seems to mix some prehistoric creatures as well as mythological into a map with many new items as well. According to Jen, the map will feature dinos and the new beasts, seven new biomes, and will have all of the current modes that are available on Survival Evolved. There will be three caves as part of this new Ark, these caves are reportedly much more difficult than the caves on the Island and include bosses on the inside.

Wyverns are included as a new creature to have, however, unlike typical Ark creatures, you cannot tame these. Instead, you have to infiltrate their nests, steal and egg, and raise the baby from a hatchling. This is a completely brilliant way to go about owning these mythical creatures. The rock elementals must be knocked out like a Titanosaur must be, which then will allow you to own it. There is no indication if this is timed like a Titanosaur however.

Power on Scorched Earth will work differently, with the use of the winds and wind turbines. You will have a meter that will tell you the wind strength. Power can be affected by the environmental effects such as electrical storms, possibly even the massive wind storms.

The coolest part of this is that you can use portals to travel back and forth between the Island and Scorched Earth. This will allow for more land mass that you can build into. Resources will have blocked off build zones in PvE but they will not be part of the PvP aspect; this is a bit different from what we previously reported as a possibility. One limitation, however, is that  you cannot bring items from The Island to Scorched Earth, but you can bring things from Scorched Earth to The Island.

This new expansion is expected to add a whole new level of difficulty. Ced, the creator of Primitive Plus, openly admitted that those that are fans of primitive, probably will not do well to survive in a purely primitive setting. The difficulty looks much more difficult than that of The Island.

For many of us, this new addition to the game throws a major wrench. After all many of us were planning on playing Primitive Plus and building wonderful communities on the new servers. With Scorched Earth and not being able to play it with Primitive Plus really sucks. I still believe that this will still pack the massive content and continue to build upon that. This is available now and is showing just under 6GB on the Xbox One.

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