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We Get The Inside Scoop On Destiny Comm Con 2016 With Lord Cognito

Destiny Community Con has come and gone and in its wake it raised a huge amount of money for St. Judes charity and brought a huge community together for a special bonding experience. The Iron Lords Podcasts own Lord Cognito was able to attend the festivities and returned with grand tales and an amazing experience, so we at PBG caught up to him to ask him a few questions.

Lets start off with something light. We all know Destiny is a big game with an even bigger community. Can you explain how the experience was when you arrived at DCC and more specifically what it was like seeing all the people there?

Arriving at Destiny Community Con was truly an eye opening experience. I really had no idea what to expect coming in to it. The sheer volume of people waiting in pre-registration lines, those with physical tickets, and those waiting for tickets to get inside was staggering. Over 4,000 people! Unfortunately some had to be turned away because they did not order them in advance and the Tampa Fairgrounds has a fire code/building capacity rule. It was that insane!



So as a co-host of a Destiny podcast and more importantly a big fan of the game, what was it like meeting some big name Destiny YouTubers and streamers that inspired you to do your own show?

For me this was the most special part. Destiny is my favorite game of this generation not only because of the amazing gameplay itself, but mostly because of its amazing/dedicated community. These are the guys/gals that believed in the game at an early stage and were inspired to continually make content for the masses. I have so much respect for what they do and to meet them in the flesh was truly an honor for me. Planet Destiny, Fireteam Chat, Mesa Sean, Fallout Plays, Say No To Rage, BYF (in audio form) were some standouts. Everyone was so personable and down to earth which made it easy to approach and talk about the game we all know and love so dearly.

received_10210032915084259 From left to right: Holtzmann, Lord Cognito, Tefty teft

received_10210032918044333 Lord Cognito and MesaSean

Can you tell us your thoughts on the fact that the Destiny community came out in full force and raised an amazing half million dollars for St. Judes?

I honestly didn’t realize the tremendous influence Destiny had until that St. Judes announcement was made. What a special moment, I am truly honored to be a part of a community that raised that amount for a great cause. In my many years of gaming, I have NEVER seen anything like this. Destiny community salute!
received_10210032905164011 Lord Cognito and Cozmo from Bungie at the St. Judes banner. 

Changing the tone abit, how many crazy cosplays did you see and would you like to go into details on your favorites? I heard a tale of a particular warlock with a “God hates hunters.” sign that grabbed everyones attention.

So many fun and creative Cosplays I saw! Definite favorites were:
Iron Banner Titan – His outfit was so detailed and that last word was LIT

Trials Warlock – With the Black Anubis helmet…sick

Dead orbit Warlock – Cloak and Ghost shell was LIT!

GOD HATES HUNTERS Warlock sign – Absolutely hilarious. He easily stole the show.



Finally, I would like to ask you as a hardcore gamer and die hard Destiny fan, what did going to DCC for the first time mean to you personally? Is it an experience you feel you’ll treasure for quite some time?

As a hardcore gamer and Destiny fan DCC was extremely special to me. The sheer volume and turnout of people. Young, old, male, female, ALL for this one game. So many new friends made and experiences I will never forget. For me personally it was more of a bonding thing and something I will attend every year. I also enjoyed all the additional special causes & apps (Operation Supply Drop, Crossroads) that were birthed because of this great community. I’m truly proud to be a member of this great community. It’s a very touching and motivating thing to see a community of gamers come together to raise half a million dollars for such an amazing cause. It’s absolute honor to have had the chance to cover such an amazing story and fantastic convention.

A huge thank you to Lord Cognito not only for the very insightful interview but also providing the awesome pictures you see in this article.

Feel free to comment down below, you dont even need an account to do so. Did you attend DCC 16? If you did, how was your experience? Thank you for reading and make sure to stay tuned to and make sure to watch the Iron Lords Podcast here 

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