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Destiny Update 2.4.0: Making Changes to Clans, Sterling Treasure & Fireteam Fixes

Some subtle, but major changes are incoming for Destiny’s next update. On September 8th, update 2.4.0 will be implemented on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Destiny. This will take place at 4 PM (PDT), so expect to have some server side maintenance downtime then. So what will be included with this update?

Clan Rosters will make the first noticeable change with the removal of the clan tag on the nameplate. This change is the first step Bungie is planning on taking while implementing an in-game clan roster function. This will not affect guardians ability to join clans on and will continue to allow enrollment into the clans as well as moderation needed. The tags will be returning at a later date and will be announced when Bungie plans to put them back.

The next change is the removal of Sterling Treasure from Tess, who sells her wares from the Eververse Trading Company. Sterling Treasure will also be replaced with Radiant Treasure which will contain silver dust and completely new ornaments. Players will also be limited to one Sterling Treasure per week for Prison of Elders on a level 41 playlist. If you are as confused about the new Radiant Treasures as we are, Bungie plans to release more information on these as Rise of Iron gets closer to release.

Lastly, Bungie plans to implement some fixes to Fireteam issues that have been occurring over the past few weeks. So if you have fallen victim to Fireteam issues, know that help is on the way!

Source: Bungie

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