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This Week In New Releases (Week of 09.05.16)

A new week of releases is upon us. Check out what games will be releasing this week. (These releases are accounted for North America only. Also, this is a complete list of every release.)

September 6th


Beyond Flesh And Blood (PS4, XB1)

maxresdefault (2)

Beyond Flesh And Blood is the debut game from UK indie developer, Pixelbomb Games. Beyond Flesh And Blood is a third-person, mech shooter set in post-apocalyptic Manchester and about 265 years in the future.


Just Sing (PS4, XB1)

maxresdefault (3)

Just Sing is the karaoke equivalent of Ubisoft’s other ‘Just’ game, Just Dance. Players don’t have to worry about having a microphone as the game just uses an app on your smartphone as the microphone and the game will feature over 40 songs from various different decades in music history.

September 8th


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (3DS)


Spirit of Justice is the 10th overall game in the Ace Attorney franchise. As both Phoenix Wright & Apollo Justice, the player will  be examining both clues & evidence to get a Not Guilty verdict for your client. There is a demo for this game that is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Be sure to check out the 8-minute prologue which explains the events leading up the beginning of the game.

September 9th


The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition (PC, PS4, XB1)


The Gold Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online is the definitive edition of the game if you haven’t picked this game up yet. It includes all four major DLC packs, Palomino horse mount, and 500 crowns to spend in the in-game Crown Store for new game accounts.


NBA 2K17: The Prelude (PS4, XB1)


NBA 2K17 is releasing ‘The Prelude’ as a free download so MyCareer players can go ahead and get a head start prior to the game releasing on September 16th. You will play your way through college with one of 10 licensed D1 NCAA schools, and improve your draft stock for your MyCareer player.



Well, there weren’t that many titles that are releasing this week, but regardless I sure hope that you’ve got your money ready. Be sure to enjoy whichever game(s) you decide to spend your money on, and as always, happy gaming!!

Also, don’t forget to check out this month’s Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus freebies to go along with Ubisoft’s free game for PC gamers.

Bobby’s pick of the week: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

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