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Tyranny: Sometimes, Evil Wins

Tyranny Trailer

With that tagline, who can resist at least taking a peek at the concept?  Tyranny is an upcoming game to be developed by Obsidian, and published by Paradox Interactive, who have also made Pillars of Eternity, Crusader Kings I and II, Cities: Skylines, the Europa Universalis series, Hearts of Iron, Stellaris, Magicka, and many other outstanding games.  It will play in the same manner as Pillars of Eternity, as a party based RPG. No price is available yet, but it looks to be available on Steam, and playable on Windows, Mac and Linux.

In the war between good and evil, evil has won in this world.  You play as a Fatebinder, the executioner of the law and will of Kyros the Overlord.  It is your job to bring justice to the people of the world, but the question remains if you will use that power to bring justice and loyalty, or if you will use it to bring fear and cruelty?  There is a reputation based system that changes the world on how your character reacts to the various quests, and how you complete various actions.

There isn’t a whole lot of information out just yet, but there are a few videos available through the Paradox Interactive youtube channels, I’ve included several links below.  Given how fantastic of a game that Pillars of Eternity was, I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with this game.

Tyranny – “Creating a World”, Dev Diary 1

Tyranny – Character creation at gamescom

Tyranny – The E3 Build

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