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Ark: Scorched Earth Cave Locations and Tips!

So a week ago studio WildCard shocked everyone with a full on expansion named Scorched Earth for Ark: Survival Evolved effectively doubling the content of an already enormous game. With this content comes a brand new map and new caves! Three new caves to be exact; these include a small cave, a medium and a beautiful large cave.

Before you take on these caves you should bring a few essentials. Thankfully none of these caves seem to have extreme temperature to worry about there are however plenty of mobs un these caves and pitfalls. Keeping all that in mind make sure to have good armor and a backup set on you, crossbows and grappling hooks are highly recommended. Make sure to have fire at your disposal as it will make short work of all mobs besides rubble golems, this means things such as flamethrowers, oil jars and fire arrows and bring explosives for the golems. Its worth noting that only two of the three caves have entrances big enough to bring tames along and even then its limited to direwolf and saber size tames. So now im going to go through and list the caves easiest to hardest along with what you can expect within.



Here is the first and smallest cave, its located at coordinates 58.6, 47.8 and its inside of a canyon carved into the earth. The entrance here is big enough for tames such as sabers, wolves and possibly an argy to fit inside. Inside this cave there are plenty of resources to collect including stone, sand, flint, obsidian, sulfur, crystal and metal.

Screenshot-Original-5.pngTheres a few cave paintings in here that are a marvel to look at and tell abit of backstory for the game. Theres also burial spots littered throughout with skeletons spilling out of them. Mobs include arthros, araneos, boas, mantis, rubble golems and onycs. At the end of this cave you are faced with a minor jump across a pit and your reward at the end is an artifact and a scorched pike skin.



Now we have the medium size and intermediate cave. Its coordinates are 28.4,29.4 with an entrance big enough for sabers and wolves. This cave has water in it and loot drops spawn in there sometimes, the water isn’t deep enough to require use of scuba. Resources include sulfur, flint, stone, sand, metal, crystal and obsidian. Mobs include rubble golems, sabers, wolves, manti, araneo and onycs. The cave end has the Artifact of the Crag and a torch skin. Also theres a cool looking T-rex fossil in the wall of the artifact room.



Here is the entrance to the biggest and hardest cave on scorched earth. The entrance is inside of the building shown above at 77.5 , 75.9. The entrance inside the building is too small to bring any tames with you at all so we suggest multiple survivors take this cave on. The cave here is the biggest in Ark and has plenty of mobs to fight. Mobs include onyc, arthro, titanboa, mantis, dung beetle, rubble golems and araneo.


Screenshot-Original-1.pngThis cave is gorgeous in design, There’s abandoned buildings and signs of civilization every where. Resources include stone, flint, sand, sulfur, crystal and obsidian. At the end you get the Artifact of the Destroyer and a sword skin

So there you have it survivors, a quick and easy guide to the caves locations and what youll encounter therein. If theres anything we may have missed here a PBG then feel free to let us know in the comments below, you dont even need to sign up to do so. How do you think these caves stack up compared to the Islands caves? Make sure to stay tuned to PBG for Ark coverage. Thanks for reading and take it easy everyone.

About Dale "LordZeroILP" Vanfossen (59 Articles)
Dale is a hardcore gamer and nerd at heart. He played his very first game at the age of three and fell in love with the hobby ever since. Dales a huge destiny fan and is part of IronLordsPodcast.

10 Comments on Ark: Scorched Earth Cave Locations and Tips!

  1. I beat the southern desert cave in a couple of minutes by myself. I used a set of ghillie armor, cactus broths, bug repellent, and energy brews. I took a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, and some grappling hooks in with me along with two canteens of water. I wound up only needing the shotgun for a few titanboas. Everything else either ignored me completely because of my armor and chemicals, or was too slow to keep up and late to pop up in the case of the rubble golems. The golems didn’t pop up until after I was already past them. The cave was shockingly easy, so long as you don’t touch anything as you go past it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dale "LordZeroILP" Vanfossen // July 27, 2017 at 10:06 PM // Reply

      Sounds like a very solid strategy! Never thought about going in the silent way. Sounds like a blast. Thanks for the info


  2. The South cave is easy, just grab a good compound bow and plenty of metal arrows. Check this solo clip out how to..


  3. just so yall know, for the hardest cave you cant bring mounts… but you can bring carry-able pets to help. for example. Vultures!


    • Actually if you install the Stargate Mod you can put a stargate past the small opening and bring in any mount you want via the stargate.


  4. thanks to the gps locs i just need the last most difficult cave, main thing i worry about is flying rocks and friendly rpg fire.


  5. Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // September 20, 2016 at 4:56 AM // Reply

    No problem! Im happy i could help you


  6. thank you realy helped


  7. Thank you for the locations I got 2/3 done loving the caves but the third one i have the treasure in sight…..on the other side of a golem 4 arthro a few bats and a good 5 mantis. Gotta get my dove to back me up in the morning :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // September 11, 2016 at 6:32 PM // Reply

      Youre very welcome man, im glad i could help. If you can i highly suggest fire arrows in particular for the mantis as it burns them down in seconds. Props on the spelunking man the caves are all gorgeous, Wildcard did a stellar job on them.


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