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Playstation 4 Pro and Slim: Everything You Need to Know

As we have come to expect from Sony and Microsoft halfway through the current generations lifespan they announce the “new upgraded version” of the current console, On September 7th, 2016 Sony unveiled the new PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the PlayStation 4 Slim.

First lets discuss the PlayStation 4 Slim, it will be available for purchase at your local retailer starting September 15th, 2016 for $299 dollars, which is currently the same price as the original PlayStation 4 console (not including the console bundles that include a game) for the most part the PlayStation 4 Slim and the standard model are the exact same with a few minor differences, such as it has been made easier to install a larger hard drive in the console, a redesigned fan and a improved cooling design to the console as well as the removal of the optical audio input. Sony has also stated that this console is 25% lighter than the current model of the PlayStation 4 as well as 34% more energy efficient. There is also a reworked Dualshock 4 controller being released that has a smaller iteration of the light-bar directly above the touch pad for notifications and such.


The PlayStation 4 Pro was announced as well, formerly know as the PlayStation 4 Neo .The Pro reportedly has double the graphical power of the current PlayStation 4 which is said to help make current and new games look even better, as well as only being available with a 1TB model (double the standard memory in the PlayStation 4), it is also said to have a faster processor than the current model. It also will be able to support 4K video from things such as Netflix and YouTube when available, one thing of note is there will be no support for 4K Blu-Rays. It will also support HDR and the other 2 iterations of this console will as well through an update. Sony announced that gamers can essentially upgrade their games to better quality on the PS4 Pro through something they call “Forward Compatibility.” This console will come in at $399 dollars.

In my opinion both of these consoles are disappointing, I have never been a fan of the mid-generation consoles such as these two and the Xbox One S, I definitely do not understand the need of releasing 2 consoles that in my opinion are unneeded. Especially considering HDR will be available on current models, as well as the fact it is only equipped with a 1TB hard-drive as far as the PlayStation 4 Pro , most people at this point have already upgraded their console to a 2TB hard-drive. I feel with all of the hype that surrounded this console Sony didn’t deliver on most peoples expectations. Personally, I have never been a fan of the idea of mid-generation consoles as I see it as mainly just a way of charging more for a console with few new features. As far as the PlayStation Slim goes, the biggest complaint is the removal of the optical audio input option, I have personally never used it but I know several people who have and I definitely can understand their disappointment.

What are your opinions on these consoles? Will you be trading in your current PlayStation 4 for either of the two or do either of them have features that makes you more likely to purchase them if you’re new to the PlayStation market?




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