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Ark Developer Briefly Mentions Holiday Events Coming for Xbox & More

Holiday's, Play Anywhere Implementation & Server Backups!

With the latest Community Crunch, we have learned a lot about what Studio Wildcard has in store for the Xbox One version of the game. Most of the things detailed are major changes, but also things that are still in the works.

This Halloween and Xmas, yes, at long last 🙂

One of the most requested additions to the game was the inclusion of the Holiday themed events. These are currently on the PC exclusively, so what about the Xbox? Luckily, the developer has planned that the first set of holiday events can be expected with Halloween and Christmas. With Halloween, many survivors get to find skeleton skin loot drops to put on dinosaurs such as the bronto and the T-Rex and last year featured longer nights, colder temperatures, jack-o-lanterns and undead dinosaurs. Following, Christmas has been known to feature Santa hats for dinosaurs, wreaths, candy canes, gift boxes and more.

Above was last years Winter Wonderland event on the PC

For PC players, they will be able to anticipate split-screen on an update that is planned to catch the Xbox up to PC and coincides with a cross play feature with the Xbox and PC. One can only assume that PC hosting for Xbox servers will be included then, if not shortly thereafter. Cross play will be an interesting feature as this potentially will melt the wall that bars between PC and Xbox survivors. Given that Xbox has announced Ark: Survival as a play anywhere title, it may limit the servers to Xbox setting servers rather than PC settings.

One last inquiry was about the ability for server admins to have the ability to backup their servers before installing an update. This has been a major issue with several recent updates which cause many servers to be wiped. Currently, there is an option to upload to the cloud, unfortunately, most servers require more data storage than what is allotted. Studio Wildcard stated that they understand that this is a primary concern for anyone hosting a server and for solo players as well.

The latest community crunch also speaks on other things across both ports such as the tek tier, naming turrets and the potential inclusion of griffins for Scorched Earth.

Source: Ark Community Crunch

Our featured image was an honourable mention in a recent Nvidia contest hosted by Ark, titled, Wyvern and a Survivor by Della Driggs.

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