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ReCore First Impressions

As a gamer there is always an itch I’m always striving to remedy and there’s usually a specific game that succeeds in scratching it. So far I’ve put roughly twelve hours into ReCore and it has met every expectation I’ve had and done far, far more. To be clear this is in no way a review or anything of the sort, it’s just a collection of thoughts and impressions about this wonderful game.

screenshot-original-9Here’s one of the very first hub worlds, everything you see is explorable.

First, let’s get the negatives that ReCore has out of the way. There’s very few of them that I’ve come across and none have taken me out of the experience of the game. So far in my time with ReCore I’ve noticed only two dips in framerate, these were notable for sure but quickly corrected itself within a matter or seconds. I haven’t encountered any bugs yet in my playthrough either but I will say that the load times can be a little rough on Xbox, the longest of which I’ve had is forty-six seconds. Now that may not sound long admittedly but when you’re in the game and exploring the fantastic semi-open world hubs and dungeons the loading can get a bit annoying to some.

screenshot-original-8 Here’s one of the dungeon specific helmets for Mack.

Now on to the many many positives of ReCore and why I haven’t been able to put this game down yet since its midnight launch. ReCores protagonist Joule is a marvelously well-done character, everything from her mannerisms to her attitude along with great voice acting by Erika Soto makes Joule feel relatable and you actually grow attached to her character as you progress. The same can be said of your companion corebots as you upgrade them, customize them and learn to work with them in combat.

On that note, we come to what the real magic behind ReCore really is and that’s the absolutely stellar gameplay. The gameplay and mechanics here are simple to grasp while at the same time being deceptively deep. It seems simple enough on the surface, if the enemy core is blue then you switch your rifle to that corresponding color for more damage. However beneath that surface is a super in-depth system, such as combos being chained to do more damage, certain corebots such as spider frames being strong against other frames despite the color differences. Sometimes you’ll want that type advantage over the color advantage, on top of this each color has its own status ailments on your rifle, red being fire that applies damage over time, yellow being a slow down effect and blue acting as a stunning skill.

The depth to this game is out of this world and that’s not even including the ability to upgrade your corebots cores for stat gains and changing their frames to increase stats and aesthetics further. As Joule levels up your rifle changes physically which is something very reminiscent of Ratchet and Clank. The hub worlds which you visit are pretty striking in scale with the first being small then they get bigger and bigger as you progress. In these hub worlds, are hidden collectibles, treasures, and dungeons to find some of which you may have to return to access if a certain corebot or level is needed. You also collect these special prismatic cores which act alot like golden stars from Mario or precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter where you’ll need a certain amount to access certain dungeons.

Screenshot-Original-7.pngYou get this and three more chests upon completion of all challenges in a dungeon on one try.

The dungeons that I’ve seen so far are very well put together showcasing the fantastic combat and platforming of the game. There are different kinds of dungeons such as Traversal dungeons and Crucible arenas that act as gladiator battles. At the end of every dungeon are four rooms that open based on your completion of challenges in the dungeon. These challenges are shooting a certain amount of switches with specific rifle colors, collecting a hidden yellow key as you progress and beating the dungeon in a certain amount of time. At the end the four doors will open according to the challenges done and if you complete all three challenges on one run through the dungeon a special door will open that contains a blueprint and a special frame piece you can only get from that dungeon.

There’s so much to this game that I haven’t even touched on like the fantastic musical score and sound design for instance. Of course, I’m not even halfway through the game yet so my opinion could be swayed as I progress but right now my experience with ReCore has been spectacular and refreshing in a time that’s dominated by first-person multiplayer shooters. It’s nice to have a game with solid mechanics and that feels very retro at heart yet has new tricks.

Tell us here at PBG if you have picked up ReCore and leave a comment down below with your thought and impressions if you have. Remember you don’t even have to sign up to comment, Thank you, everyone, for reading and make sure to stay tuned to PlayBack Gaming for all your gaming news, take it easy everyone.

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