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In RIVE you take control of Roughshot and his Spider-like drone vehicle. He’s a wise cracking space scavenger that gets trapped on Galaxian Service Vessel #6. With the help of a guide drone, which you are never quite sure if he’s helping or using you, he must make his way through the service vessel searching for fuel, blasting robots to smithereens and finding upgrades along the way.

RIVE SS 1.jpg


You can also find special hacks and take control of enemy gun turrets, nurse drones and other drones to help you on your robot smashing adventure!  Did I mention you can even hitch a ride on top of a high speeding train? That’s right!

RIVE offers twelve action packed missions and an epilogue, and while it’s not the longest game it certainly packs a punch with the variety of its missions. there’s traditional twin stick shooter levels, classic platform levels and even a raising lava level thrown in for good measure. When you beat the game, your fun doesn’t have to quite end just yet, as you unlock a single credit mode and a speed run mode to try and compete in the leaderboards with other players around the world.


As with most shooters the controls are simple. The left stick controls movement, the right stick lets rip the infinite supply of bullets. L2 and R2 handle jump and secondary weapons respectively, and speaking of secondary weapons, as you play you will unlock more of them which are selected by using the face buttons. All the movement in RIVE is slick, responsive and smooth, which is exactly what you need as some moments require epic dodging skills to avoid the enemies’ barrage of attacks. Honestly, RIVE reminds me of Metal Slug with how the controls feel.



RIVE contains a platinum trophy but you will need to do a number of playthroughs to pop it. This is because there’s a trophy that requires you to max out all your equipment and another one that requires you to only buy one upgrade. There are also a number of level specific trophies that can be obtained by dipping back into the missions once the game is completed.



RIVE is an excellent game. Sure there are moments when the difficulty spikes as you hit seemingly unbeatable sections in the game, and drones literally swarm in pacts of 10 to 20 if not more, but this adds to the feeling of enjoyment when you finally do beat them. It’s definitely a must buy game not just for twin stick shooter fans but for all gamers. Two Tribes are definitely going out with a bang and leaving us with a game to remember.


Two Tribes (Provided me with a review copy)

Release date:
September 13, 2016

PC/Mac/Linux (Steam)
PlayStation 4
Wii U (later)
Xbox One (later)

Regular Price:

EUR 14.99
USD 14.99

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