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ReCore: Brood Hive Dungeon Walkthrough

How to get through the Brood Hive Dungeon:

ReCore has been out for only a few days now and in it there are plenty of dungeons to challenge and complete. Doing so will reward you with loot such as prismatic cores, core bot frames and fusion material. This is the first in a series of walkthroughs designed to help players find and complete everything the dungeons have to offer. Today we have the Brood Hive dungeon to begin let’s talk about the requirements.

Firstly, you must have access to the Lonely Basin which is the first real overworld you access. You’re also going to need four prismatic cores to enter and if you’re aiming for all the supply caches as well then bring Seth along as well. Also since this is a very early dungeon make sure you have the red affinity upgrade for Joules rifle so you can activate the switches in it.

screenshot-original-18Here is the dungeon entrance on the map.

As you start the dungeon there will be a small group of enemies in front of your first door. Make sure to clear out these enemies and before you continue through the door turn around to find your first red switch.

screenshot-original-14Here is red switch number one in the first room.

Through this door you’ll enter a pit where you’ll be met with a few waves of enemies, these enemies aren’t really tough so make sure to keep your combo up and extract when possible. After you clear this room of baddies look to your right to find red switch two.

screenshot-original-16Here’s red switch two in the first pit.

When the door opens before you continue make sure to shoot red switch number three, it will be straight ahead behind the door.

screenshot-original-24Here’s red switch three.

Continue straight ahead making sure to activate red switch four on top of some rocks in front of you.

screenshot-original-28Here’s red switch four.

To the right of red switch four on a small alcove is a supply cache with some loot.

Continue straight jumping up the ledge ahead, make sure to get a charge shot ready on your rifle because you’ll be ambushed by some tiny spider bots around a bend as you progress. Push onward until you enter a cylindrical room with some corebites to clear out. After you clear the room look to your upper left for red switch five.

screenshot-original-25Here’s red switch five.

Once you’ve gotten that jump on the rock standing in the center of the room and look around for a series of platforms you can jump to, follow this path up to the top and you’ll be met with another supply cache.

Jump straight down since you won’t take fall damage from this height and continue on. You’ll enter a pretty big room, straight ahead will be a spider rail so use Seth if you have him with you to climb it and receive another supply cache. Jump down into the pit and get ready for a small wave of enemies, after you clear them out search underneath the platform where you entered this room for another supply cache.

Once you finish off the enemies you’re told to extract a core from the front of the room, after you do this three moving platforms will lower from the ceiling presenting you with a small jumping puzzle. The platforms work by having you shoot them, after you do they will stop in place for a few seconds so keep an eye on the center of the platform as they’ll start charging up the barrier so you can get a visual clue to how much time you have.

Make your way up to the entrance of this room and look to the right. You’ll see a green button on a platform, jump over here and get ready for a timed jump. Stepping on the button will open a door to the left of where you extracted the core. You’ll have to time two of the platforms in such a was that you can jump across them and into the open door right after you activate the button.

screenshot-original-17This is the button with the door and platforms straight ahead in a good alignment.

After you make it in this room you’ll be met with a supply cache, open it up then look up to your left to see a corebite flying around with the yellow key, shoot him down and collect it.

screenshot-original-30This is the corebite with the yellow key.

After you collect the key go back to the entrance of this room and look to your right and down in a corner for red switch six.

screenshot-original-19Here’s red switch six.

Now that that’s done step on the green button opening the door straight ahead then complete the small jumping puzzle for another supply cache.

Exit this room and go back to the top of the entrance for the previous room, shoot the three platforms so they make a straight line then step on the green button and jump your way through the door. Once you’re through this door head up the hill, get a charge shot ready for some tiny spiders to clear them out. Make sure to look to your right as you head up for red switch seven.

screenshot-original-15Here’s red switch seven.

Going up the hill will lead to a opening that leaves you standing on a ledge above another pit. Before you jump down look to the very left of the ledge tucked away in a corner is the very last red switch.

screenshot-original-20Here’s the eighth and last red switch.

Shoot the switch and jump into the pit where you’re met with a small boss fight, finish the boss off quickly then rush through the door once it’s open. Congratulations on completing the dungeon! Make sure to collect your loot from the top platform and the prismatic core down below. Remember all the doors in the back will open if you complete the dungeons challenges and the chest in the middle will only open if you complete all three at once.

We here at PBG hope this walkthrough helps you out on your adventures, if you’re so inclined feel free to leave a comment below letting us know if this helped you or if we may have missed something. Remember you don’t even need to sign up to comment! Thank you for reading everyone, make sure to stay tuned to PlayBack Gaming for all your ReCore and gaming news and as always, take it easy everyone.


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