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[Video] Resident Evil 7 Tape 2 Trailer

Resident Evil or the start of something else?

The next installment of the Resident Evil series is heading our way and is seemingly a new take on the franchise that we all know. With Tape 1 already in the books, Capcom released Tape 2 yesterday on the official Biohazard YouTube channel. While it is different, it still shows off the creepiness of the series.

From the trailer I only have a few personal takes about where the series is seemingly heading towards. For me, I was not a fan of the series with 4, 5 & 6. Mainly with the changes of the enemy type. I’m very critical of the zombie game genre, and Resident Evil was one of the first to kick it off. Since 4 it seems as if the enemy has changed into something else, less typical zombie like into a more crazed type, with the obvious of mutated and a biochemically engineered virus. With Tape 2, I had more of a feeling of I was watching Deliverance or The Hills Have Eyes than watching a trailer for Resident Evil 7. I still do not understand why Capcom doesn’t create a new franchise rather than cash in on the Resident Evil branding.



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