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NASCAR: Heat Evolution (PS4 Review)

In NASCAR: Heat Evolution, you start off by creating your own NASCAR driver, and the customization is just unbelievable. You can customize anything, from your hair to your facial features and bone structure. Sure, this is a great feature, but it lacks the ability to see your character at the race podium at the end of a race. You can only see your character as your selecting your next race in your career, as it’s not a big deal to me personally, but I feel as some of you fans, may not like that.

When you begin your career in NASCAR Heat Evolution, you need to win a couple races to get noticed to pick up a few sponsors. Depending on how well you do in those said races, will determine who picks you up as a sponsor. After you pick your sponsor, you then progress farther in your career to earn money, and the more sponsors you have, the more money you earn. The money you earn from races you can buy a garage to expand your team to increase your vehicles horse power, grip, etc.



The driving mechanics in NASCAR Heat Evolution are absolutely amazing. It feels more like a simulator, than an arcade style NASCAR game. While driving, you can display your tire status, vehicle damage, oil and radiator temperature. The in game interface will even estimate how many laps you can go until you need to make a pit stop and also tell you when you need gasoline.

Online multiplayer supports up to 40 players, you can easily jump right into a game lobby, or even create your own with your own rules, tracks, and more. Of course, you will play with others who think they are playing destruction derby racing, and crash you and try to blow up your car but don’t let that discourage you from online multiplayer. Your experience will be different every time. Personally, I have spent close to 15 hours playing NASCAR Heat Evolution, I have enjoyed every last minute of it.



NASCAR: Heat Evolution details:

  • New Gameplay Engine: Rebuilt from the ground up, NASCAR Heat Evolution brings back the fun and excitement of NASCAR you know and love.
  • New AI: Whether you’re a rookie or a trained racing veteran, the dynamic AI system adjusts to your skill level.
  • New Tracks: Daytona has risen, Colossus is fired up at Bristol, and your other favorite tracks are ready for the 2016 season.
  • New Damage: With the all-new damage model, Darlington Stripes have never looked better, if you earn em.
  • New Drivers: Matt DiBenedetto, Landon Cassill, Chris Buescher, and other drivers make their NASCAR video game debut.
  • New Online: The online gameplay system has been rebuilt to ensure fun, competitive, and fast racing.




Game Modes: A variety of gameplay modes will give you more to do than ever before. Gameplay modes include Race, Challenges, Season, Chase, Online, and Career. In Career, customize your own NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver like never before!

Tracks: From the high banks of Talladega to the tight turns in Martinsville, each of the 23 licensed NASCAR tracks have been carefully recreated in conjunction with track owners.

Drivers: NASCAR Heat Evolution offers 43 different drivers from the most popular race teams including Stewart-Haas Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Team Penske, Chip Ganassi, and many more.


If you are a NASCAR fan, this is a must have game so put it on your holiday wish list. Big thanks to Dusenberry Martin Racing for providing me with a review copy of NASCAR Heat Evolution.

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