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Allosaurus and Titanosaur Spawns Are Out Of Control

You get a spawn, you get a spawn, YOU ALL GET A SPAWN!

Probably one of our chief complains about ARK: Survival Evolved lately has been the ridiculous spawn rates of the Allosaurus. We get it, they were a pack dino and the initial pack spawn idea isn’t bad. However, it seemingly hasn’t been something that has played out as well as its theory. Constantly we hear about other tribes complaining that their base was destroyed because allosaurus spawned in to it, when they shouldn’t have spawned at all. For us, we downed a lone allosaurus just to have it spawn a pack on it mid tame. Not to mention having a freshly kibble tamed 120 rex on the island map, get slaughtered by nearly 30 high level allosaurus. The video below shows just a random flyby of what we’ve seen.

To make matters worse with allosaurus spawns, if you play Primitive Plus, you are unfortunate enough to not be included with a saddle, even if you tamed the dino. Standardly, dinos tend to fare better when ridden than when they are not. Allosaurus themselves are pretty squishy so it doesn’t help to not have a saddle. Those playing primitive and primal versions luckily do have the required saddles.

Not only are allosaurus mobs terrorizing survivors, we have to admit another BIG nuisance is the spawning of Titanosaurs. Yes, these, giant magnificent and severely overpowered long-necked dinosaurs have been presenting a problem for many. Granted, the only way to be attacked by one of these is to aggro it yourself. This was put into play to prevent other survivors and tribes from “kiting” the titanosaur to bases as an easy way to wipe opponents; plant x and turrets also will not attack them if they are wild as to prevent base defenses from triggering it with rage and vengeance.

On my tribe’s current server, many tribes have been monitoring the spawn rates and locations and we’ve noticed that there is no biased to where they will end up. It can be in a river, on a cliff’s edge or even on or in bases themselves. Near us for instance there are two neighboring tribe which we all have seemingly been taking turns sharing this giant lawn gnome. Over the last two days, the Ark has decided that the titanosaur needed to be lodged into our base. If this was a PvE server, we wouldn’t have been as worried, however, the fear of someone deciding to attack us while it was nearby made us nervous about potentially and accidentally hitting and aggroing it towards our base. Luckily it was only near where we store our egg-layer dinosaurs, so the move was easy. Throughout the day however, it decided to move, and then found itself caught inside of a behemoth gate, the same area I move the egg layers to.


Luckily we were without mishaps, though someone in the server was not so lucky. Apparently, it decided to spawn in their base and take half their base with it. Have you any of you been felt the impact of the allosaurus and titanosaur spawns? Let us know in the comment section below! As always you do not have to sign-up to be heard!


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3 Comments on Allosaurus and Titanosaur Spawns Are Out Of Control

  1. lately I haven’t had any problems with allos, it’s the uncontrollable amount of ankylosaurs that spawn and kill everything and anything that try’s to apose the massive herd of anklyos


  2. Jigsaw-varney // December 31, 2016 at 2:15 PM // Reply

    Yes. Wall of behemoth stone gates lined with metal spike, and signing off at a separate local (like a hunting lodge or boat) seems to help a lot with base defense. Auto turrets and plant x help a lot.


    • Since this post, I feel like it’s definitely taken a step back from the severity of what it once was. I also notice that there is a drastic difference in the spawns on the Island map vs the Center map, the latter being better in control of these spawns.


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