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Holiday 2016: EA Access, Battlefield 1 Dates, Titanfall 2’s Absence & More

With October nearly here, the gaming industry is preparing itself for the loaded holiday season ahead. For EA, this looks to be a pretty massive holiday season with the impending releases for Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Both of these games recently endured a beta [or a technical test, if you will], in which DICE and Respawn Entertainment, alike, wanted to ensure that the game releases with the best potential.

We have learned that Titanfall 2 will not be included with EA Access or an Origin Access discount. EA & Origin Access are programs that serve as a monthly subscription that enables subscribers to enjoy games filled into an ever-growing library. These programs also give a discount to digital content purchased while subscribed. For many subscribers that were expecting Titanfall 2, an EA published game, to be part of the platform may have felt let down. Despite the disappointment, Titanfall 2 will be releasing on October 28th and it will also include a much requested game-mode from the original game with Attrition. This game-mode was absent from the previous technical test, leaving many fans worried that the mode would be removed from the game altogether.

With Battlefield 1 releasing a week earlier on October 21st, subscribers to EA Access will be able to enjoy the benefits of the program and play the game a week earlier [October 13th] as well as a 10 hour trial that will include two single player campaign missions and a handful of multiplayer maps and modes. DICE returns to their Battlefield roots and once again takes its fans to a prior war, this time to the first world war. DICE continued to express their interest of creating Bad Company 3.

To go back to Battlefield 1 and the Great War has been really a work of passion in the way how we can capture it in a different way. But in the back of our heads, just the same, the question of ‘will we do Bad Company 3?’ and who know’s maybe in the future, it is something we miss.

With Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 releasing relatively around the same time, which are you excited to play? Let us know in the comment section below. As always you do not need to sign-up in order to comment with us!

Sources: SegmentNext & Eurogamer

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