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Ark: Server Clusters and Another Primitive Plus Update

Ark clusters look to be the community hubs of the future.

A new concept of maps and servers have begun on PC with “Server Clusters.” The developer describes these as 3 ARK maps that are completely new and untouched. They serve as “sister servers” that will allow survivors to transfer their characters, items and dinosaurs between each with minimal restrictions, if any.

Survivors of Ark are more than likely resting after having a double bonus weekend finally end. It was definitely a welcomed surprise to many, and personally I have not seen that many packed servers since I started playing in December of 2015. Over the weekend, the latest community crunch was released and it detailed some pretty interesting things.

A new concept of maps and servers have begun on PC with “server clusters.” The developer describes these as 3 ARK maps that are completely new and untouched. They serve as sister servers that will allow survivors to transfer their characters, items and dinosaurs between each with minimal restrictions, if any. I say this as I have yet to see anything stating that it cannot transfer. This does open a whole new opportunity for survivors to be able to create a community between the Arks.

This also might be less buggy than the current ability to transfer characters between servers. I’ve personally noticed a few more complaints than usual about players who could not download their characters to new servers.

Currently this is being tested on three servers part of a single cluster: one Island map, one Center map and one Scorched Earth map. This is on PC only, so Xbox survivors may have to wait some time before their ability to try this feature, if at all.

Another posting on the community crunch was an update of what is going on with Primitive Plus. As we already reported that Primitive Plus servers would be taking additional time to receive its updates, Primitive Plus creator Ced continued to ensure that they are working hard.

Hey Survivors!

I just wanted to stop by and give a quick update on the status of Primitive Plus.  Over the past week, there has been a great deal of progress made:

  • Primitive Plus QA Team:  There has always been a QA team to help out with Primitive+ but not one strictly dedicated to the ongoing development of Primitive+.  I am happy to announce we have a team made up from passionate members of the community that are actively reporting bugs and testing new build content before it hits you.  One of the points of feedback I’ve received is having more thorough QA on new builds to try and flesh out any apparent issues.  I am confident new builds will be much more stable!
  • Primitive Plus Testing Server:  Prior to this week, most of the testing for Primitive+ was done individually or in very isolated situations.  Having a server where experimental bugs can be tested in a replicable environment is key to diagnosing where the issues are coming from and also helps with the process of fixing issues that pop up.  The testing server will be dedicated to the members of our testing team.  If you are interested in becoming a tester for Primitive+, please see @itsr2ghgaming for information!
  • XBOX: From reports I’m seeing, XBOX needs the most love in terms bugs and functionality.  While it may seem like the priority is PC, I want to reassure you that the things I’m doing for the PC will be incorporated in the XBOX build.  Prior to this week, I was trying to manage two separate versions of Primitive+ additionally making the same changes in both builds.  As you can imagine, that will lead to a confusing mess!  Going forward, the PC changes will be correctly merged to XBOX which should eliminate any chances for more bugs being introduced due to making changes in 2 separate builds.
  • Primitive Plus 1.3: If you’ve been following social media you may notice that there’s been mention of a new build.  There are fixes currently being tested with QA and more things I am in the lab working on.  The goal of this patch is to eliminate any functional or game-changing bugs.  Rather than releasing a lot of smaller patches, it makes more sense to get to a stable point in one leap.  I realize it’s probably taking longer than you’d like but the next build will eliminate anything that’s functional or not working as it’s intended to.  I expect to have this build wrapped up by next week!
  • The Future: Once Primitive+ 1.3 is released, 1.4 will focus on visual and performance improvements.  A lot of the textures and visual appearances of things will be improved and revamped.  At that point, we will move forward with new content (I have lots of ideas I want to incorporate).  I will post some of the ideas off of the drawing board once we get over the bulk of issues.

As always, thanks for taking this ride with me.  There are lots of exciting things in the future that I’m sure will enhance your primitive ARK experience even more!

– Ced

Primitive Plus is truly a unique experience on Ark, and I cannot deny that I absolutely LOVE the variation that it enables from structure building to the way you hunt and harvest. It is not without its own issues, however. Many of the items that are in Primitive Plus are either buggy or completely missing. Given Studio Wildcards track record, It’s not if they will deliver, but when; only time will tell.

Source: Ark Community Crunch


We would like to take the opportunity to invite all current Xbox Ark Survivors that have Xbox Clubs, to join us on Ark Station! We hope to create a community that you will be able to meet others that enjoy Ark: Survival Evolved as much as we do! Also, stay tuned for a new project about Ark that we plan to announce soon!

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